How to Host the Perfect Fall Get-Together

With the crush of college work and the leaves turning colors, it’s no surprise that fall has got you missing home. So far, you’re loving Brown, but it’s definitely lacking in some respects: it doesn’t have your family, your dog, or your friends. The perfect remedy: Thanksgiving break. Maybe you have a ton of family coming in from out of town or maybe you’re having a small family gathering this year-- either way, a staple in every college girl’s break agenda is quality time with friends. Whether you want to host an all-out Friendsgiving or a more lowkey hang, these tips will help create the perfect atmosphere to make up for lost time.



The perfect outfit is a must-- try a wrap dress with booties, or pair shorts and a turtleneck with tights and over the knee boots. Faux fur-- vest or coat-- with leather or textured pants is also a ~look~.

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Though you will probably be talking most of the time (after all, you have so much to catch up on!) curating the ultimate Spotify playlist will ensure that any break in conversation is filled with music to fit the vibe. Here are a few of my favorites. 




If you live somewhere cold (or even if you don’t!) make sure to decorate with some candles and cozy throw blankets. Hanging out with friends is always better when wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket!




After months of eating dining hall food, you and your friends will want to take advantage of meals at home. Creating the ultimate cheese board should do the trick-- assemble prosciutto, salami, and other meats on a board with brie, cheddar and swiss. Add grapes, dried fruit, fruit spread-- whatever you’re feeling. Other classic snacks include shrimp cocktail and toasted pita with an assortment of hummus.

For the main dish, keep it simple and make a big green salad with fresh vegetables (try tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers). Top with grilled chicken or salmon and dress with olive oil and balsamic. Or, if you’re feeling really lazy, order sushi in-- because who doesn’t like sushi?

If over 21, enjoy dinner with a glass of your favorite rose (my 21+ friends recommend Miraval and Whispering Angel) or cocktails (Moscow Mules are a winter classic)! Or, here's an idea: make it a wine night with the girls!

If you’re feeling dessert, try fun cupcakes or a seasonal pie.



And while all of these things will enhance your experience with your friends, the most important thing is the conversation you have while together. So have fun, relax, and spend quality time with the people you missed these past few months! :)