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Podcasts appear to have skyrocketed in popularity this year. It might seem like everyone has a podcast nowadays, as self-promotions for various channels are rife across social media. While podcast viewership has increased as well, it might feel difficult to navigate this world since so many things are happening. However, this certainly shouldn’t stop you from listening to podcasts or creating your own, as there are many types of podcasts out there that are wonderful! If you haven’t started listening to podcasts or need some new recommendations, this article is certainly for you.  It mentions five podcasts of different genres that are ensured to keep you interested. Happy listening!

Storytelling: This American Life

The first podcast to ever win a Pulitzer Prize, “This American Life” is certain to live up to its expectations. Hosted by Ira Glass, it covers various topics that, as one reviewer writes, “captures, as well as it can in audible form, the human condition, in all its delicious and uncanny glory.” Without ever telling his listeners how to feel, Glass winds each story up with humor and emotion that moves everyone. This podcast is unforgettable and will keep you coming back for more.

Crime: Supernatural

Perfect for every crime junkie, host Ashley Flowers explores crimes where logical explanations don’t seem to add up. Unlike some crime podcasts, which are interrupted by banter and tangents, Flowers keeps her stories interesting while still getting straight to the point. Fascinating and chilling, this podcast will definitely keep you on your toes. 

Dating & Relationships: We Met At Acme

Lindsey Metselaar’s podcast “We Met At Acme,” is certain to bring up relationship topics you’ve always wanted to talk about but never have. With discussions on sex, dating, and relationships alongside a wide range of interviewees, Metselaar always keeps her podcast engaging and helpful. Furthermore, she is able to balance both vulnerability and humor, which is certainly a difficult thing to find nowadays. Also, make sure to follow her instagram “We Met At Acme,” where she provides relationship polls and answers advice through Direct Messaging. You’ll be hooked!

Politics & News: Pod Save America and The Daily

The world of politics can seem incredibly tense and confusing--it might seem difficult to establish any clarity. Luckily, four former aides to President Obama teamed up to create “Pod Save America,” which discusses current politics with different interviewees. Despite providing a balance of news and opinion, the hosts also introduce solutions for how to help particular situations, which can help anyone who might feel helpless in the current climate. 

Also, if the one hour time length seems too daunting, make sure to check out “The Daily,” which covers the same discussions in a condensed format! From the New York Times, Michael Barbaro hosts the show and discusses the latest news everyday.

Mental Health: UnF*ck Your Brain

Have you ever felt like you’ve been underachieving? Have you compared yourself to others or suffered from imposter syndrome? If you answered “yes” to one of these questions or if you want to explore similar prompts, then Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil’s podcast is for you. Although it ended this past year, there are plenty of episodes that will keep you busy. Loewentheil brings different guests on her show to discuss what it can be like for high-achieving women who struggle with self-doubt. Perfect for college-aged women on the cusp of entering the workforce, this podcast is sure to help offer new advice and an improved mindset!

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