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With College Hill’s leaves changing and the sun setting earlier and earlier over the SciLi, we can now say that it is officially fall. As one of my favorite seasons, I’m embracing all things sweaters, boots, and hot lattes. This time of year is one of the most beautiful times on campus and a well-deserved break from sweating as I run from New Watson to Friedman Hall in the brief 10 minute period between my classes. On a cold day, I always want the music in my airpods to match the feeling on campus. For this reason, I’ve included some of my favorite “fall vibe” songs on this playlist. Here are some highlights! 

“All Too Well” is the ultimate fall track. Lyrically, Taylor Swift mentions “autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place,” and alludes heavily to plaid shirts, little town roads, and the famous “old scarf from that very first week.” This is the perfect song to sing in the car with friends because somehow everyone knows the words. And anticipating the Red (Taylor’s Version) release in just 1 week (!!!), this masterpiece has been on repeat for me lately. For another autumnal Taylor hit, try “Cardigan” on Folklore, which will make you want to slip into your warmest wool sweater.

Lately, I’ve been on a huge Caamp wave. Their music is folksy and calming, and makes for a great background listen when studying. Some of my favorites include “26” and “All the Debts I Owe,” which both give off similar sounds and vibes. Both songs feature storylines about love, heartbreak, and driving off into the distance together, which, to me, is the ultimate fall love story. Even though no one is taking me on a romantic journey to see the foliage, a girl can dream (and listen to music about it).

“River” by Leon Bridges is a track that somehow finds its way onto so many of my playlists. I first heard this song on the miniseries, Big Little Lies, which gives off big “curl up under a blanket” energy. My friends and I love this song, and it’s great to play walking through campus or even during a fall-themed dinner party with guests. If you like this Leon Bridges’ classic, I would recommend the Spotify radio station for this song or exploring the rest of this artist’s catalogue.
Other notable additions to my fall mix include John Mayer’s “Come Back to Bed,” which is an older gem I’m rediscovering lately. Also, I had to add “Easy on Me” by Adele, since she is dropping her latest album, 30, in a few weeks. Briston Maroney, Hozier, and Maggie Rogers are prerequisites for an autumnal playlist. While I only highlighted some of their classics, all of these artists would be the perfect background to your main character walk through the changing leaves of Blackstone Boulevard. Happy listening!

Maddie is a junior at Brown from Connecticut. She is concentrating in Economics.
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