Enjoying Fall Semester

Happy October!!!! Mean Girls Day has just passed us and we would like to take the time to say what we appreciate about this lovely season we call autumn. With the changing colors surrounding us we can see that change is imminent and that we must look at what makes this season so amazing! Cue the bright colors on trees, spooky decorations, and school.

• The Food: Apple and pumpkin pie are staples of this season. Starbuck even releases their limited time Pumpkin Spice latte and Salted Caramel Mocha to put you in a cooler weather mood. We also have turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and candied yams.

• Pumpkin Carving/ Decorating: When we were kids this was a great thing to do with our parents. Now many universities around the country host events that involve such activity. It is a lot of fun to share in this tradition with your college friends. You can go with the classic carving, be an artist and create a work of art, or simply write the words “Happy Halloween!” on your pumpkin. This is a great study break idea, so grab your friends and make sure to not miss the opportunity to go back in time for an hour.

• Apple Picking: Another New England tradition is to go apple picking. Take a break on a Saturday, rent a car and drive to the nearest apple orchard near you. Pick apples with your friends and take them home. These are fresh apples that seem to have a different taste no matter how many times you try to convince yourself that they are regular apples. If you or your friends seem to be good at baking and have a kitchen available try baking an apple pie or making apple tarts. They are great snacks to have around.

• Haunted Corn Maze/ House, etc.: Take a night off from studying for midterms and visit the local haunted locale of your choice. Many places around New England have haunted houses, city tours and the classic corn maze. Go with friends so that you do not feel like you are alone or even take that special someone to protect you. It is always a good way to get into the holiday spirit.

• Thanksgiving (at home or at school): No matter what you do this year for Thanksgiving make sure you spend it with people you care about and enjoy the classic meal. Laugh, cry (of joy that you have a small break from school or mere homesickness) and enjoy your time! If you are spending it with family enjoy the time you have with them since finals are just around the corner. Make sure you take a break no matter how much you have to do it is always a good idea to relax.

Enjoy your fall semester collegiates!