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Dye it, Trim it, Chop it off

I like to think that reading people is not an easy task. Sure, you can read between the lines, facial expressions and body language, but you can never get the perfect answer. The truth is, we are only brutally honest with ourselves, and even then we lie. I have to admit, there are several days when I wake up wishing I could hide in
bed forever, or maybe dye my hair blonde and walk out of the house feeling like someone else. I only tried that once, and let's just say blonde hair doesn't suit me at all. Since then, whenever I feel I need a sudden change of identity, whenever I want to mark the end of an era, I chop my hair off. Easy, relatively cheap, and I always

know that regardless of what happens, it will ALWAYS grow back. Now I wonder if a guy ever has that feeling, and if they do, would they get a haircut? Would they grow a beard? A mustache?

A mustache takes time to grow. You have to consistently trim it, reshape it, style it. So how does one decide to get a mustache? Is it to culminate an existential quest for masculinity? Or perhaps it's a desire to look more intellectual, fit in with the hipsters. Or maybe it's the same adolescent angst that plagues our minds from time to time that drives men to change their look for a while.

The problem is, when I've tried to change my look to change my mood, it rarely works. The outside can swiftly change but the inside remains the same. So whether it's a mustache, a wig, a new hairdo, or a new pair of shoes, we have to remember that that doesn't change who we are. That's why reading people is hard: we can mask the exterior, disguise it, decorate it. It's the interior that's a constantly evolving enigma that we figure out as we go. And sometimes, only sometimes, we meet people who can solve the riddle before we do, who know when we are lying to ourselves and who can see right through. 

Luisa Robledo and Haruka Aoki instantly bonded over the love for witty writing and haute couture. Haruka, a self-professed fashionista, has interned at Oak Magazine and various public relations companies where she has reached leadership positions. Luisa, a passionate journalist and editor of the Arts and Culture section of Brown University's newspaper, has interned and Vogue and has co-designed a shoe collection for the Colombian brand Kuyban. Together, they aim to create a website that deals with the real issues that college women face, a space that can serve as a forum of communication. With the help of an internationally-minded team section editors and writers who have different backgrounds, experiences, and mentalities, these two Brown girls will establish a solid presence on-campus.
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