DIY Face Masks!

Everyone loves a night in watching movies and doing face masks. But what if one of these spontaneous girl’s nights is a little too spontaneous? Here are some easy recipes, so you can make face masks at home!! These ingredients shouldn’t be too hard to find, even if you’re living in a dorm. So put your next night-in on the calendar and try these out!


If you’re looking for a hydrating mask:


-      ½ of an avocado

-      1 tablespoon of honey

-      A handful of oats or oat bran

This delicious sounding face mask hydrates your face without making it too oily! Avocado’s natural oils make this face mask an almost magical way to fight dry skin. The honey locks in the moisture of the avocado, and the oats are a nourishing and soothing addition.

Leave this mask on for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.


If you want to even out skin texture and tone:


-      1 tablespoon of plain yogurt (natural)

-      1 tablespoon of honey

-      1 tablespoon of turmeric powder

Because yogurt contains lactic acid, it can lift away rough skin cells, so the newer ones are seen at the surface of your skin. This mask also contains honey which will improve softness when mixed with these ingredients. Finally, the turmeric powder will heal the tone of your skin by removing any uneven pigmentation.


If you want your skin to glow even more:


-      1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

-      ¼ of a papaya

-      A squeeze of Aloe Vera

This face mask will make your skin glow without any harsh acids, so it is perfect for sensitive skin due to its all-natural ingredients. Cocoa powder brightens skin by stimulating and improving circulation. Papaya is a great exfoliator, so it will work with the other ingredients to get rid of any dead skin cells you have and leave behind fresh, bright skin. Aloe Vera on its own is packed with vitamins that are super good for your skin and help it stay hydrated. Overall, this is a perfect combination to improve dull skin.

Leave this mask on for 10 minutes and dab off with a tissue.


If you have acne and blemishes you want to minimize:


-      1 tablespoon of manuka honey

-      1 teaspoon of turmeric powder

-      ½ teaspoon of Dead Sea salt

While you may have never heard of manuka honey before, it is amazing at healing blemishes due to its bacteria-fighting properties. The manuka honey will not only work toward healing your skin right now but also improving it in a more long-term way. Turmeric will help reduce the redness in your skin, and it acts as an anti-inflammatory in this mask. Dead Sea salt is also a cleansing anti-inflammatory which will help any scars and blemishes heal faster. This mask will help unblock your pores and leave behind clearer, less irritated skin.

Leave this mask on for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.


If you want your pores to appear smaller:


-      1 egg white

-      1 tablespoon of honey

-      A squeeze of lemon juice

Egg whites and lemon juice will work together to tighten your skin, making your pores appear smaller. Make sure to add honey to your mask in order to keep your skin hydrated! Without it, your skin will look tighter, but it will also feel tighter.


If you want less oily skin:


-      ½ an avocado

-      ¼ of a blended cucumber

This mask will hydrate your skin due to the large water and vitamin content in cucumbers. The vitamins will help ensure all the oils in your skin don’t lead to a break-out, while the hydration factor will keep your skin soothed. Avocados can, seemingly magically, regulate oil production in your skin and also reduce inflammation!

Make sure not to apply individual ingredients directly to your face, and always remember to do a patch test to make sure your skin is not sensitive to any of these recipes!