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A Celebration of Opulence

Oscar Night 2012, like every Oscar night before it, was a night of opulent, yet excessive, splendor. In the midst of a recession and a nationwide protest against the wealthy elite, it undoubtedly appeared to some to be in poor taste. Granted, the money spent to create the wonderful Art Deco stage décor could have been funneled into a variety of causes, but I chose to ignore these glaringly obvious indiscretions and enviously enjoy the evening of affirmations, and, most importantly, style.
I could never picture myself dropping $10K for a gown I’d wear once in my lifetime, but call me after I’ve made my first million to see if I’ve changed my mind. Regardless of my views on the prices of haute couture, the Academy Awards promises to be a fierce battle of the dresses each year, and this year did not (really) disappoint.
The highlight of the evening for me was Jessica Chastain’s gorgeous black-and-gold Alexander McQueen gown. Even though this woman could wear a tablecloth and look absolutely gorgeous, she exuded class in her intricately adorned masterpiece. The Office’s Ellie Kemper was also stunning in a copper-sequined Armani Prive number, which complemented her auburn hair beautifully. I’d also like to applaud Viola Davis for leaving her wig at home and rocking her natural hair and dazzling emerald green Vera Wang. She looked every bit as beautiful without it.
These ladies, along with several others wore fashions that little girls and big girls alike will covet until next year, when a new crop of fantastic (and ridiculous) gowns will parade down the red carpet. Until then, I’ll keep hoping that Jessica Chastain shows up on my doorstep to bequeath to me her absolutely perfect dress.


Christina is a senior at Poly High School, where she is an editor of her high school's yearbook and former member of the pole vault team. She is also a devoted Camp Fire USA member and volunteer. Christina enjoys reading classic literature , watching 80's movies and pitching tents. She hopes to pen the next Great American Novel or start her own online publication after obtaining a degree in English, Journalism, or Creative Writing.  
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