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Everyone, I met this REALLY cute freshman…


Name: Max Pinkiert

Year: 2024

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Concentration: International and Public Affairs


1. Birthday: 

February 9th, 2002 

He’s an Aquarius!


2. Favorite Movie:



3. Favorite TV Show:

Modern Family


4. Most listened to song of 2020:

“Motivate,” J. Cole


5. Favorite song right now:

“Devastated,” Joey Badass


6. Favorite Sport:

Football to watch, lacrosse to play


7. Favorite spot on campus:

“My dorm, I can’t go anywhere else”


8. Favorite Restaurant in Providence:

East Side Pockets


9. Favorite Restaurant from hometown:

“Henry’s Sandwich Station, I order a Cuban or a double bacon cheeseburger.”


10. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life:



11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“On a boat in Miami” 

Okay big baller…


12. One thing you can’t live without:


Note: Likes cheeseburgers.


13. Dream Superpower:



14. Currently crushing on someone?

Matt Salomon


15. Who’s your idol?

Will Berlin


16. Celebrity Crush:

Chantel Jeffries


17. If you could trade places for a day with one celebrity, who would it be?

Tyler Herro


18. What do you look for in a friend?

“Someone who’s fun!”


19. What do you look for in a romantic partner?

“Honesty, excitement, spontaneity, and a good smile.”


20. Ideal date:

The beach


21. Spirit animal:

A dolphin


If you’re looking for a nice, fun-loving guy to watch Spaceballs and eat cheeseburgers with, Max is your man! If you’re Chantel Jeffries, contact Max directly. 


Addie is a junior from New York City studying History and Religious Studies. Her interests include piano, horseback riding, and dancing Ballet.
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