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Campus cutie Nora and Katharine
Katharine Dowley
Sex + Relationships

Campus Cutie: Katharine & Nora

Campus Cutie: Her Campus Heads Edition


Katharine Dowley 

Nora Woodruff







Greenwich, CT

Rye, NY



Public Policy

APMA Economics


1. Favorite movie:

Katharine: Shutter Island

Nora: The Other Guys


2. Favorite song:

Katharine: Currently, Across the Room by Odesza ft. Leon Bridges 

Nora: Year 3000 by the Jonas brothers


3. Favorite spot on campus:

Katharine: My room

Nora: Blue state bookstore 


4. Favorite restaurant in Providence:

Katharine: Ten prime for dinner Amy’s for lunch 

Nora: Oberlin or the Grange 


5. Dream job:

Agent Katharine Banks: A spy, not just a behind-the-desk spy, but like a field agent 

Nora: How do I not sound like a corporate sellout? Sustainable investing


6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?:

Katharine: Probably living in London

Nora: Living in New York City


7. One thing you want to cross off your bucket list:

Katharine: Bungee Jumping 

Nora: Go to Machu Picchu 


8. One thing you can’t live without:

Katharine: My friends 

Nora: Her campus :)


9. Do you have a secret talent?:

Katharine: Can do a split

Nora: I can shake my eyes and roll my stomach 


10. Currently crushing on someone?:

Katharine: Never ;)

Nora: Always ;)


11. Celebrity crush:

Katharine: Armie Hammer or Tim Riggins… Also hot take, Chandler for a season of friends 

Nora: The old Jonas brothers


12. What do you look for in a guy?:

Katharine: A nice person, good sense of humor, pretty eyes

Nora: Funny and must ski 


13. What is your ideal date?:

Katharine: Concert, not a dinner, some sort of adventure

Nora: Beach picnic 


14. Spring break plans:

Katharine: Cabo

Nora: Catching Corona in Cabo


Natasha is a sophomore at Brown University studying the History of Art and Architecture.
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