Campus Cutie: Conor Boyle

Name: Conor Boyle

Year: 2021

Hometown: Darien, Connecticut

Concentration: BEO


1. What is your favorite movie?




2. What is your favorite song?

Pale blue eyes by Velvet Underground 


3. Favorite spot on campus?

Balcony in List Art 


4. Dream job?

Transformer because I want to meet Megan Fox she seems nice


5. What’s something on your bucket list?

Smoking a cig on eiffel tower.

Doesn’t get more romantic than that...


6. Crushing on someone right now? 

Yes, Grace Parker 


7. What is something you look for in a romantic partner?

Sense of humor 

Very sweet 


8. What is your ideal date?

Hold hands while walking along a boardwalk and then go spend more than you should on dinner. 


9. If u could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Go see my brother


10. What’s your biggest fear?


Looking for someone to hold your hand during take off? 


11. Celebrity crush?

Ryan Gosling 

Me too 


12. What’s your favorite food?

Ice cream