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Burgers and Chicken sandwiches, not all restaurants can nail it. Chick-fil-a has been holding the top spot for chicken sandwiches for years, and even through Popeyes’ chicken sandwich hype, it was still a tight competition. In a comparison of non-fast-food chains, Bun Fun in Providence, RI has taken the chicken sandwich idea to a whole new level. If you think the Popeyes Chicken sandwich is big, BunFun will throw size portions out of the water. 

Let’s start with the menu, from the classic wings and tenders to Crab Rangoon dip. There are a considerable amount of apps that are the absolute perfect pairings with the burger/sandwich meal. Sliders were a completely different game, for $3 each we got the Chicken Bacon Ranch, bacon cheeseburger, and Nashville Hot. Even for sliders, three can totally fill up a person. I personally got The Coop and it consisted of fried chicken, cheese, and bacon. Eating this sandwich took WORK, it was as big as the plate that was handed to you and the french fries were PERFECT– not at all soggy or too crunchy. It marked the first time where I could not finish my fries by the end of the meal. 

Bun Fun is a burger joint and though the menu is not extensive, there are plenty of great options. You can say that they know their customers will come for the signature sandwiches and drinks! 10/10 would recommend.

I am a Vietnamese-American woman and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am also a potential Political Science and Economics major with a passion for human rights, on my free time I run a podcast with a few friends called 508Discussions.
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