Art for the Fun of It

It is a fact that our society values productivity. As cogs in the wheel of the capitalist market, we as citizens are supposed to be producing and consuming at a steady rate. We are supposed to use our free time to learn and create new things, to create things of value that can be used to make a profit. But what happens when we want to create something just for the fun of it?

I believe that the idea of creating for fun instead of for a specific purpose is slowly dying out. People don’t write novels for fun anymore. They write it with the sole purpose of getting it published and out on the market.  Artists paint works to be featured in galleries or sold to collectors. Architects make plans for buildings that they already have funding for. Yet whatever happened to writing a book just because you want to? What ever happened to creating an enormous painting simply because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good?

As finals and stress-inducing times loom closer, I think that all collegiate should seriously consider the power of creating something that holds only personal value. Creating is a relaxing, calming process that uses areas of the brain not exercised in tedious studying. Creating reduces anxiety and stress, especially artistic pursuits that are enacted purely for pleasure. There is also a greater sense of reward after a personal art project is finished. Since you are creating only for you, you are also the only person who gets to reap the benefits and satisfaction that come upon completion of your work. You are not creating for a gallery or an editor: you are creating for yourself and yourself alone.

So along with eating right and finding time to exercise, take time to let some creative juices flow. Even writing a short poem can help to reduce your anxiety and give you a sense of satisfaction and self-confidence. You can make something of value, of creative worth. You can also kick butt on your exams.