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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Although it is spring, you know that April showers, May showers, June Showers, July Showers, and August showers will keep on coming in Providence. Rain and Providence are best friends. This is a friendship that I don’t see ending for a very long time. But, you know, that’s okay! When the raindrops keep on falling, you’ll be prepared. If you are looking for a step above those plain black umbrellas, look no farther than this list! Also, shout out to Target for the beautiful prints and wallet friendly prices!


Totes Novelty Bubble Umbrella, $16.99


This bubble umbrella is a classic twist on the clear version I’m sure you’ve seen around. If you haven’t, bubble umbrellas are really popular these days. Enfolding all the way down to your shoulders, the bubble umbrella is constructed to block every drop of water. Also, the sunny and bright print ensures that you have your own ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. 


Novelty Compact Umbrella – Black, $12.99


Are you mad at me for throwing shade at the plain black umbrella? Don’t want to stray away from the original design? I don’t blame you. Black is pretty chic. But, please allow me to add little bit of spice to your experience. This umbrella has a bit of both worlds. There is a bit of cupcake print (yum!) and black background to balance it out. 



Mesh Case – Apple Martini, $12.99


­­If you dress in bright colors even if it’s cloudy, this is the umbrella for you. In a monolithic sea of umbrellas, you’ll stand out as the sidewalk’s own pop of springtime. Also, this is type of umbrella that makes me think that my future husband will lock eyes with me as I crossed the street. So, here’s to everyone finding their significant other with a brightly colored umbrella. 


Isabelle is a native New Yorker from Great Neck, Long Island. She is currently a sophomore at Brown University. Throughly in love with medicine and media, she hopes to become a medical correspondent for a major news outlet. When she isn't DJing for 95.5 WBRU or writing for HerCampus, you can find her on the elliptical watching Scandal. Or, in her room watching Scandal. Depends on the day. She also loves the color green, is obsessed with smoothie making, and loves to rep her Haitian heritage.
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