Acai Bowls at Seven Creamery on Thayer

Conveniently located on Thayer Street, Seven Creamery (formerly FroyoWorld) offers more than just ice cream and frozen yogurt. The menu’s more popular items are actually the acai bowls, although the name does not make it obvious. My friends and I have been missing our acai bowls from home, so after hearing we could get them at Seven Creamery, we had to try them.

The acai bowl menu at Seven Creamery is lengthy, including lots of options for toppings. One nice aspect of the menu is that there are pre-made bowls and also an option to build your own. The base for all of the bowls is the same acai blend, but each menu item has its own toppings. I chose to order a build your own bowl, which includes a choice of any three toppings. The list had various fruits, granola, nuts, and sweets.

One negative part of the acai bowl place in my hometown is that the service is slow, but this was not the case at Seven Creamery. We all ordered our bowls, and an employee brought them out to us within five to ten minutes. This was key for us since we all had a class to get to after our acai bowl lunch, and we had no problem getting there on time with the fast service.

When the smoothie bowls came out, they looked fresh and colorful. It was a nice change of pace from the Ratty to see actual fresh berries and non-frozen mango. Not only did they look good, their taste did not disappoint. The fruit was all fresh and the granola added the perfect crunch. The base of the bowl itself was tasty too, although it was a bit on the sweeter side. 

The cost of the acai bowls at Seven Creamery is a gamechanger. In my hometown and my friends’ hometowns, acai bowls always cost more than ten dollars. At Seven Creamery, the acai bowls were only about nine dollars each, only fifty cents more than a meal swipe and way better than anything you can get on campus.

You don’t have to go far from campus to try out these delicious bowls. The location, service, cost, and most of all taste makes them a great option for lunch any day of the week. Definitely try one before the cold weather hits- we went on an overcast day and the bowls made us all feel pretty chilly. Post a picture of your bowl on Instagram, and tag @sevencreamery for 33% of the next time you go!