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7 Halloween Girls’ Night Essentials

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

This is your sign to incorporate a new Halloween tradition in your festive calendar this year. In between evenings out and decadent costumes, find a night to watch your favorite Halloween films and celebrate Halloween in optimal comfort. The following are the spookiest and sweetest essentials for this October occasion:

A matching lounge set & fuzzy socks

It is officially time to get cozy. You will arrive at the movie night boasting effortless style yet feeling incredibly comfortable.

Pumpkin Spice Popcorn

Maintain the spirit of the PSL by opting for a pumpkin spice popcorn blend.

Festive Refreshments

Whether you are an apple cider lover or creative drink maker (thinking of perhaps a cranberry inspired mix that appears eerily spooky), you and your friends will be delighted to sip throughout the film and evening.

Pumpkin Decorations

No need for grandeur. A simple, petite selection of pumpkins from Trader Joes or a local craft store will suffice. Find colorful markers and tinsel and host a pumpkin decorating contest among your friends. Enlist an outside party to determine the winner.

Dried Leaf Mood Boards

In between film segments, embrace your creative side by curating a mood board with old magazine cutouts and pictures from Pinterest. Accessorize the board with leaves from outside that you have dried to add a seasonal touch.

Prepare Small Halloween Baskets for Friends

Even though we are in college, the spirit of trick or treating can still remain! Use this evening to create small care packages for your friends with your favorite Halloween candies and deliver them on Halloween night!

Conclude with Microwave Pumpkin S’mores

A dorm kitchen provides all the necessary elements to create the ideal s’more. Without access to a bonfire, warm your marshmallow in the microwave for ten seconds. Spread pumpkin butter on pumpkin spiced cookies or graham crackers to make them more seasonally appropriate. You may even consider white chocolate instead of milk chocolate in your s’mores for a Halloween-inspired enhancement.

Maggie Seidel is the President of the Her Campus at Brown chapter. In this role, she oversees and recruits new members and writers, produces content for Pinterest and Instagram, manages the calendar, editorial process, and brand partnerships, leads weekly meetings and outreach, and contributes weekly articles. Maggie studies International & Public Affairs and Entrepreneurship, and she is a current sophomore. She is also a chair on the executive leadership team of Brown University's Women in Business, the Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Intercollegiate Finance Journal, a teaching assistant for an entrepreneurship class at Brown, and a member of Kappa Delta sorority. Her Campus is Maggie's place of happy. She also loves to play tennis, celebrate holidays of any and all kinds, curate new Pinterest boards, and enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch and cup of warm coffee.