The 5 Commandments For Spring Break Under The Sun

Sun, sea, and sand, the holy trinity of the oh-so-famous spring break. But before the fun, you must choose the destination wisely, plan carefully, and pack accordingly. It’s FINALLY time to boost your vitamin D!

1.     Pick the right destination

Cancun, San Juan, Miami, Los Angeles… spring break opportunities under the sun are endless. Look for something affordable but comfortable, fun to party but also safe. Outdoor activities are highly recommended; drinking mojitos and sangrias under the blazing sun should definitely  not be the go-to plan for every hour of the day. Balance is key, ladies. Go somewhere you’ve never been before, explore and meet new people (even if your favorite squad is coming with you).

2.     Find a good book to read

Diamonds are not a girl’s  only best friend…books are also always a good idea, especially for the more peaceful hours at the beach. Don’t read something too intellectual—pick something you’ve always wanted to read but have never had the time to. Because let’s face it: reading is not the obvious pastime after you’ve just finished 300 pages on the history of capitalism at the Rock.

3.    Take memorable pictures

College is probably the best time of your life, and spring break might just be one of the highlights. We create memories that will last a lifetime often without even realizing it, so take pictures of you and your friends, the beach, the palm trees and even your lousy Airbnb! One day, you will look at those pictures and smile (hopefully). Pack a camera, a Polaroid, or just your phone—anything will do as long as it captures memories. Just don’t forget: living in the moment counts too!

4.     Taste delicious local food

Everyone deserves a pause from Ratty or Vdub food. Make the most of your destination by trying local food that will most likely be of higher quality than your 2am snack at Jo’s. Eat lots of fruits to up your vitamin C and don’t forget to drink a lot of water (you know, on top of the sangria)!

5.     Pack the right beauty and haircare products

Every woman caring for her skin and hair will know better than to only pack bikinis. Beach waves and tanned skin don’t come naturally (for most of us at least), so here are some indispensable products to avoid peeling skin and dry hair:

-Sunscreen adapted to your skin type (watch out for oily skin. You don’t want your face to shine brighter than the sun!)

-Hydrating after-sun cream containing aloe vera or coconut oil.

-A hair mask—no one wants straw-looking hair at the end of the day.

-SPF lip balm—lips get dryer faster under the sun.

-Waterproof everything when it comes to makeup!