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4 Reasons You Should Have Your Own Personalized Stationary

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

Lists of gifts associated with names of loved ones trailed my birthdays as a very young child. After the celebration dimmed and kind presents lay open, my mom soon provided me with a list of addresses for thank you notes and encouraged me to write thoughtful notes.

Instilled in me, this appreciation for hand-written notes has made me an enthusiast of personalized stationery. I have come to realize — and perhaps justify my stationery purchases — that there exist several benefits to indulging in this initialed embellishment to my thank you cards.

Polished Nature

Personalized stationery adds an accent of sophistication. Writing is equal parts creative and a timeless feature of communication, and so is personalized stationery. It can enable you to appear more professional and intentional to your recipient.

Encourages Writing notes

I find a lot of joy in writing on a curated card, and it makes the experiential process of practicing gratitude or showing care to someone all the more sunny. I delight in writing my message on a refined piece of stationery.

Support of Small businesses

Etsy is my favorite destination from which to purchase stationery. It offers an abundance of designs, styles, and personalized benefits at more reasonable prices. And, best of all, it gives sustenance to creative business ventures.

offers a theme

Depending on whether the note is of gratitude or an invitation, personalized stationery can provide visual indication on the header about the purpose of your message.

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