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38 Thoughts I Had Watching Season 2 of ‘Sex/Life’

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Since I saw Sex/Life’s jaw-dropping Season 1 finale, I’ve been counting down to the release of Season 2. While fan-favorite Billie continues exploring an array of “what ifs” in Season 2, her love triangle with Cooper and Brad expands into an… octagon? I know, bizarre. According to the heroine,”in the end, all of us will look back on our lives and say one of two things: I wish I had or I wish I did.” Oof! Here is a recap of the sultry season (includes spoilers): 

  1. Bold opening line! 
  2. I’m not too sure about you, Majid. Isn’t it kind of a red flag to be attracted to someone emotionally unavailable?
  3. Ah, elevators: the silver screen’s go-to sex spot. 
  4. Ancient Greeks will be mentioned everywhere and in anything, and I’m not mad about it! #proudGreek
  5. Cooper’s brother is giving self-aware. 
  6. “Francesca” is all up in the media these days. 
  7. “I know guys like Kam. All too well.” We love a Tay reference! 
  8. Two absolutely gripping cliffhangers. WOW. *clicks next episode* 
  9. Why is Vivian #teamCooper? 
  10. Go, Billie! Break those generational cycles! 
  11. Sasha is starting to sound like Serena Van Der Woodsen with all her “I’ve got to go”s. 
  12. Noooo Fransesca noooo! 
  13. “I want to share my wonton with you” has got to be 2023’s best pickup line.
  14. Yikes, Cooper, yikes. *clicks next episode* 
  15. “Crazy never sleeps, am I right?” No, Dev. You’re not. 
  16. Uh-oh. I have a feeling that Sasha being in a relationship will not help the “independent woman” persona Mick is fixed on selling. The ominous music suggests that too. 
  17. Trina and Cooper are in the same frame. This didn’t end well last time. 
  18. “I think about it all the time.” Wow! I need time management tips from Cooper (maybe organizational tips from Love is Blind’s SK, too).
  19. For a newlywed, Brad doesn’t seem too happy! Are those? Tears? 
  20. I find it hilarious that Cooper is so heartbroken over his “good guy” reputation. Was he ever a candidate, tbh? 
  21. Ah, Majid. You never won me over. 
  22. “Well, I love you, so I better be.” Well said, Kam. Well said. 
  23. A throwback to when Emily told Ross he couldn’t see Rachel again. I wonder how that’s going to go.
  24. Who even says “pretty pretty pretty, please?” 
  25. Tbh, Gigi – unlike most characters of this show – seems securely attached to Brad – until episode 4, at least. 
  26. “I have to be there for him.” You don’t, Billie, you really don’t.
  27. Billie and Trina having a nude, seaweed-scrubbing spa session is painfully awks.
  28. I’m starting to lose track of how many women in the show “always saw Cooper for who he is.”
  29. Ugh! I am still determining who Billie is going to end up with!
  30. Bitting your lip almost always falls short of its expected sexiness. 
  31. Hudson has my heart! 
  32. In season 2, Billie displays self-awareness and introspection. Major character growth. 
  33. “Why did he call you a baby?” I can’t! 
  34. Dev and Coop’s divorce celebratory drive is giving “frat boys” in the worst way possible. 
  35. “You are the love of my life, but I’m not yours. And that hurts so much.” Cooper! You have officially regained your “good guy” crown back – with a tear of mine or two. The acting in this (and every) scene was top-tier. 
  36. Okay, Sasha and Kam, okay. Please stop being so vulnerable with each other so I can stop crying! 
  37. Ditto Cooper and Billie. Please stop being so mature, co-parents! I can barely see my screen at this point. 
  38. Ah. The ending we always wanted but never thought we would get. *chef’s kiss* 

Season 2 did not miss: desire loomed larger than ever. Not only did it deliver the highly-anticipated, steamy scenes, but the Netflix original also refreshingly opened the floor to various pressing and thought-provoking matters. Spanning abortion, the importance of doing inner work, and healing, Sex/Life had it all.