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10 BYOB Restaurants in Providence

It’s the article that you never knew you needed, but now you are so thankful that you have. Fed up with high-priced, watered-down drinks? Tired of that one friend without an ID holding you back? BYOB restaurants are the answer, and given that we live in a college town, we have an abundance of them. Here are some of our favorites…

  1. Thailand

This restaurant, located pretty close to campus, may look a little sketchy from the outside. And it may be a little empty. But if you like Thai food, the dishes are amazing, and it tastes great with whatever wine you feel like bringing. Order the fried rice, red curry, or Gyoza.

292 Atwells Ave

  1. Meeting Street Cafe

Okay so you might feel a little weird bringing booze to a diner, but there’s no shame in our game. Meeting Street Cafe is really convenient given that it’s pretty much on campus, and it’s really cheap. Any food you could possibly want, they have. Pro tip: order orange juice and bring your own champagne for an elevated brunch!

220 Meeting St

  1. Sakura

Sakura is an awesome go-to for sushi. It’s really fresh and usually comes out pretty fast. Also, they’re very accomodating to large groups. If you call a day in advance, you can usually book the back room for a big group of friends with only a $15 minimum for each person! I’d tell you to bring sake given the Japanese restaurant vibe, but really, who actually likes sake?

231 Wickenden St

  1. Rosalina

Rosalina is a more upscale Italian restaurant. It’s definitely on the expensive side, but if you’re in the mood to splurge, it’s delicious. They usually have some sort of amazing pasta special, which I would highly recommend. The only downside to their BYOB aspect is that there’s a $30 cork fee. Ugh. But maybe bring spiked seltzer or beer cause there’s no cork for them to fee? Loopholes, people.

50 Aborn St

  1. Tallulah’s Taqueria

Tallulah’s is one of my favorite restaurants near campus, although it’s definitely more geared toward nice weather with their outdoor seating and stringy lights. It’s BYOB, but they also serve really good margaritas. Make sure to get there early because it fills up really quick!

146 Ives St

  1. Luxe Burger Bar

You better be hungry before coming here. Be ready to build your own burger, in a not-much-better-than-fast-food restaurant, and eat a Snickers pie, written on the menu with the description: “#OMG.” Bring a six pack to fit in with with the ~all-American~ vibe, and definitely do not bring a date.

5 Memorial Blvd.

  1. Sawaddee Thai Restaurant

Sawaddee is the perfect place if you want good food and you’re in a time crunch. The layout is a little weird, but the food comes out really fast. The sticky rice with peanut sauce is a must-have and the crab ragoon and curry dishes are standouts as well.

93 Hope St.

  1. Vinya Test Kitchen

This place is known for its periodically changing menu. They usually follow a swiss menu that features to die for comfort food. The atmosphere is cozy and the staff is very welcoming upon arrival. They have a bar but it’s also BYOB!

225 Westminster St.

  1. Noodles 102

This place is the epitome of a small mom and pop type of restaurant. The service is friendly and fast. The pineapple fried rice is a must. They are also very accommodating to any menu-fixes you might want to make when you order.

102 Ives St.

  1. Fellini Pizzeria

Right off Wickenden Street, Fellini pizza is said to be the best pizza place near campus. Although its store in Cranston has a full bar, the one in Providence, right near Brown, is BYOB (I wonder why?). The pizza and wings are great, and the vibe is authentic. Bring some friends and some wine if you like Italian food!

166 Wickenden St.


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