Zumba Benefits

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The most important components of a Zumba class, are these following statements....

A Healthy Heart

Zumba moves your whole body, helping to raise your cardio endurance and improve blood circulation.


Brain Perks

Increased blood flow adds up to more oxygen-rich blood reaching the brain, and that helps enchance attention as well as very impeccable concentration skills.


Weight Loss

Try Zumba for 30 minutes, and you could burn 300 calories. That means less stress on your joints and added speed to keep up with grandkids. 


Greater Mobility

Dancing improves your balance, range of motion, posture and coordination. It could even help reduce arthritis pain.


Social Interaction

Zumba classes function as a group, introducing you to new people and giving you a healthy activity to do with friends you already have.


Stronger Muscles and Bones

Dance workouts involve moves that work multiple muscle groups and increase bone density.


Stress Relief

Sweating while you boogie releases brain chemicals that put a smile on your face and reduce stress that can distrupt healing, digestion and rest.


*Remember, the easy-to-follow dance workout is fun and boosts your body from top to bottom.*