Young Families Chanukah Activites

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There are so many ways to make Chanukah a treasured holiday! Even one special thing each night will round out your family time with smiles, excitement, and listening memories of a truly fun holiday. Here are eight suggestions to make your eight nights stand out.

  1. Make letters with your children. It's messy and yummy! Play your favorite Chanukah music in the background.
  2. Have every one of your family members (and guests!) light their own chanukiyah. Cover a table with aluminum foil and place all of the lit chanukiyot on there together. Everyone will love seeing all of the beautiful light. Turn the overheard lights out at first for an even more dramatic and wonderful moment.
  3. Make Chanukah decorations together. Cut out shapes of Chanukah symbols and cover them with anything you can think of. Use crayons, markers, paints, colored tissue paper, wrapping paper, fabric, etc. Hang them up like a mobile of hang them on your wall.
  4. Storytime! The Chanukah story is packed with adventure. You've got an ancient king with a Napoleonic complex and a zealot rebel who just says "NO!", a fight until the end, the underdog's victory, a divine miracle with an oil lamp, and then a great big party to celebrate. Pick any of the fabulous Chanukah storybooks out there and read them with your children.
  5. The secret ingredient to Iron Chef Chanukah is....oil! Fry up anything you want. Try frying up apple slices, sweet potatoes, string cheese, onion rings, snickers bars. You name it. If you can fry, you can celebrate Chanukah with it.
  6. Spread out your gift giving throughout all eight nights of Chanukah. Continue to spread the light by making one of those gifts, a Tzedakah gift. For example, make a donation, buy a tree, or send a gift to a homeless shelter in your child's name.
  7. It's traditional to place a chanukiyah in the window. No doubt, your children will feel proud to light the candles with you and then open the curtains to share the light. You can also make a picture of a chanukiyah and tape it on the outside of your front door. Each night, cut out a small yellow flame or use a yellow cotton ball and add it to your chanukiyah to show which night we're on.
  8. Stage a massive sivivon (dreidel) competition. Create prizes for best spinner, longest spin, most gimels, and of course who ever collects the most in their pot by the end of the game. Use pennies (which you can give to Tzedakah afterward), chocolate coins, jelly beans, or peanuts.

Most importantly, have fun!