Whats in Your Phone

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What a fun way to have fun whether it may be at a gathering or to just simply goof around! I for one am down with this!

Rule: Check your cell phone and tally your points. The person with the highest number of points wins!

6 Points:

  • If you don't have the Facebook application
  • If you have no apps on your phone
  • If you have one of your ex's in your contacts
  • If you have a flip phone
  • If you have a saved video of a celebrity
  • If you have less than 25 contacts

5 Points:

  • If you have a nail technician in your contacts
  • If you have Snapchatted about your day
  • If you have a random/mystery contact saved in you phone, and you don't remember who it is

4 Points:

  • If you've texted your significant other within the last two hours
  • If you have a fast food delivery service in your contacts
  • If you've received a text within the last 24 hours from your mother
  • If you best friend was in your top five most recent calls

3 Points:

  • If your screen is cracked
  • If you have a name in your contacts that begins with "Y" or "Z"
  • If you have your significant other's picture as your screensaver
  • If you have updated  your Facebook status today
  • If you have the Bitmoji application

2 Points:

  • If your phone is in a protective case
  • If you have used the Twitter or Instagram application in the last two hours
  • If you have a song as your ringtone
  • If you have taken a photo of your pet within the last seven days
  • If you used your weather application today

1 Point: 

  • If you have the Netflix application
  • If you have a voicemail that you haven't listened to yet
  • If you have an event saved in your calender
  • If you have used the heart, sparkle, or a happy face emoji today