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As a young adult trying to make it in the performing arts career area, I’d think there’d be more variety for actresses, with all the campuses from BC to NYU, there’d be a larger variety in the same boat as me. Although to my memory I did find a few articles about actresses, an IHC Influencer, and one person who was an actor, but most of the articles were either interviewing an actress or about an already established actress. Which I was a bit disappointed, even if you don’t have a passion for the Performing Arts, or you’re just interested in studio makeup, we should all be on this… Mostly because there’s less diversity and we should be representing each and every bit of different careers we could possibly write about. Acting for me has been a big part of my life, though most of the time I was oblivious to it and would act out in my head or voice it out, which made for some uncomfortable moments in my life.

I really want to hear from actresses on their take because as we all know… this won’t be an easy path, especially when regarding to our family and I think we can all agree talking to our family members about pursuing this field will not be easy.

There should be more articles on this area for females that may not even want to be an actress but within the area because its well known that going into theatre isn’t the best career path, and you have to choose a different path that is easier and much popular… which is ironic! After all we’re told to push our boundaries and yet we’re told to choose a different path.