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Ways to Start a First Person Story

A First Person Story!

Definition: Is a point of view (who is telling a story) where the story is narrated by one character at a time. This character may be speaking about him or herself or sharing events that he or she is experiencing.

Here are some tips into writing a first person story!

  1. Make your reader care: Introduce affecting details. Dickens describes in opening paragraphs how David Copperfield visits his father’s grave.
  2. Start with revealing actions: Try actions that create suspense (e.g. running away from something or hiding an object) or convey emotion.
  3. Don’t spill everything at once: Leave some of the most interesting tidbits about your character for later. A little mystery keeps readers seeking answers.
  4. Give your ‘I’ narrator a voice: Use personality – is your narrator mostly optimistic or negative? What adjectives do they use most? Are they wordy or clipped?
  5. Use active voice: ‘The letter was sent by me’ reads strongly. Make your character an active, acting subject.
  6. Confide in the reader: Secrets and intimate revelations create curiosity and intamacy. Try have your narrator share personal history.
  7. Avoid filter words: Instead of ‘I saw that the building was collapsing,’ say, ‘The building was collapsing.’ This creates less distance.
  8. Introduce other characters: Try having your fist person narrator mention someone the reader is yet to meet to create extra intrigue and anticipation.



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