Top 5 Corporate Fundrasing Ideas

Everybody either have all the ideas in the world, not enough, or not at all. Even though we all try our hardest when it comes to fundraising, we all just want is for things to go well and most importantly successful! Let's go through this!

  • Pie Day: Employees put money in the jar of the executive they want to see get a pie in the face. You can also auction off who gets to be the pie thrower.
  • Jeans Day: Minimum donations qualify employees for an extra jeans day during the week.
  • Catered Lunch: Invite employees, clients, and vendors to attend for a reasonable price per head.
  • Donate PTO: Allow employees to donate their PTO days to the cause. The company then donates what the employee would have earned for the day.
  • Competitive Crowd - sourcing: See which employee can raise the most money through their own fundraising activities. Reward top fundraisers with extra PTO, a "Work from Home Week" or VIP parking.

Apply all of this and you will be very happy with the successful attributes to your company/organization!