Things To Do If You Stay At Home This Halloween



Things to do this Halloween.


If costume parties and bar crawls aren’t your things, you might be staying home this Halloween.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Here are a few things you can do at home if you decide to sit out this October 30th.


Hand out candy.

Kids are going to be trick or treating after all, and you can snack on the candy between each set of trick or treaters.


Watch a movie.

Halloween specials and movies are always a good way to spend the night. And you won’t need to dress up for them, just sport some pjs.


Read a scary story.

If you really want to do something in the spirit of the season, rent a book, or search creepypasta. There ought to be something that can scare you and keep you up at night.


Write a scary story.

If like me, you’re a storyteller, you can take this time as an opportunity to write your own spooky tale.


Plan for all the binge candy eating you’re going to do on Nov. first.


Halloween candy often goes on sale the day after Halloween since it’s no longer needed in large amounts. The perfect time for a collegiate to go on a sugar centered shopping spree.  

Whatever you do, make sure to make the best of it, and watch out for spoopies!