Stages of Breast Cancer

While it is still the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I would like to describe the stages of breast cancer.

Step 1

Abnormal cells in lining of the ducts or sections of the breast, therefore; the results in increased risk of developing cancer are in both breasts.

100% survival rate!

Step 2

Cancer in the breast tissue tumor is less than what it normally is, which is one inch across.

98% survial rate!

Step 3

The cancer in the breast tissue is less than two inches across, and possibly the cancer may also spread to auditory lymph nodes.

88% survial rate!

Step 4

The tumor is larger than two inches across with extensive spread to auxilary or nearby lymph nodes, and maybe possible dimpling, inflammation or change of skin color.

52% survial rate!

Step 5

Possible spread of the cancer beyond the immediate region of the breast. 

16% survial rate!