A Spotlight on Workstudy


Getting a job is hard, there’s no denying that. It’s even harder for college students who have to manage classes, assignments; and sometimes have no time to spare or the availability necessary due to having to go to class. Working while attending classes isn’t something anyone would want to do. From the time spent commuting from school to work, to long hours spent either at the late shift or working on that project that just had to wait because work kept them for the day, there’s no denying that working students take on a Sisyphean task and one that often requires high levels of caffeine and low levels of sleep to complete without any casualties.


What students may not know is that Broward College offers an option that could make being a working student an easier task. Broward’s work-study program allows students to have a job on campus. The Federal Work-Study Program is a federally funded program administered by postsecondary institutions participating in the Title IV Federal Student Assistance Programs and allows students to earn money by working on campus.


According to Jenn Burke, Financial Assistant for the Workstudy program and Student Financial Services “The goal of the program is to provide employment to eligible students to help defray the cost of their educational expenses.” Workstudy allows students who might be struggling to find a job, or budget the expenses of a college career to have a job that won’t interfere with their classes and which will be the equivalent of a part-time job as Burke said that “Students can work up to 20 hours per week on or off campus, not to exceed an average of 25 hours per week.”


Students are paid by the hour on a bi-weekly basis. According to Burke the hourly rate for the 2014-15 academic year the hourly rate for workstudy will be ten dollars an hour.


In order to qualify for workstudy students must meet a list of requirements. These requirements include enrollment in at least 6 credits in a financial aid approved academic program, as well as U.S. citizenship. They must also maintain good academic standing and progress, and demonstrate financial need according to federal guidelines.


While there is no deadline to apply Burke said that “the sooner students apply, the better the chances of securing a job.” adding that “Usually the most job openings are available at the beginning of the Fall term and new job openings for the academic year are posted in August.”


Burke also explained that one of the benefits of working for the college is how they work with students and their schedules “When students are interviewed for openings by a department, their schedules will be reviewed to determine if the hours they are available to work coincide with the department's needs.” she said.


The positions offered for work-study are varied and include working at the Wellness Center, Eye Care Clinic, Planetarium, Online Learning, Student Life and Mentoring, Library, and Academic Success Center. They also include work at academic departments such as Visual and Performing Arts, Aviation, Automotive/Marine and Global Trade.


For a list of the currently available jobs please visit jobs.broward.edu and click on Student Workstudy Posting. Students must register for the work-study option when they fill out their FASFA. For more information visit the financial aid office at your local campus.