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Scarlett Johansson Diet Plan: How to Eat Like Black Widow

This is based off of Superhero Jacked….

Shout out to all the ladies in the house!!!!! WOOT WOOT!

I apologize….can we start over?

When utilizing Superheroes to base the workouts from, women sometimes get the short end of the stick. Obviously this is because there are a dominating amount of male characters. Thankfully for all the ladies, you get one of the most badass chicks out of all of them: Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

Alright, if there’s one thing we know it’s that you can’t train your crappy diet.

Do I have to elaborate?

It doesn’t matter if you train like Black Widow, Johansson or both combined (THE MADNESS!) – if you aren’t also focusing on your diet and nutrition habits you’re basically just making your journey completely uphill. And when I say uphill, I mean that it’s going to become almost un-winnable. Like trying to lift Thor’s hammer. ScarJo doesn’t even try it in Age of Ultron!

But, enough of the formalities, let’s find out what you’re supposed to do! Let’s take a look at what Healthy Celeb tells us about Johanssons eating habits when training to become Black Widow:

  • BREAKFAST AND LUNCH: Scarlett made sure she kept it light when it came to food items. In fact, consistency is the name of the game. She had two egg omelettes with out meal and frsh berries. As far as lunch was concerned she had a quinoa and turkey salad with spring onions and some olive oil and lemon juice.
  • SNACKS AND DINNER: Scarlett has some almonds and apple for snacks, which she keeps lighter to refresh her from the long day’s work and shoots. She then moves to a dinner rich with proteins. She has a steamed fish with red onions, cabbage and broccoli. The important thing to note is that even if she does not eat a lot of food items, the nutritional value in each of them is high and that allows the body to take in all the nutrients needed for it to repair.
  • SCARLETT’S OWN VICE: Scarlett admits that she likes cheese very much and she is proud of it. She states, “My greatest vice is cheese. Nothing else reigns over my life”. It is however very interesting that she is capable to maintain her health and figure by eating cheese. Bottom line is keeping your vice. Don’t give it up.

I’m not going to lie….all of this sounds pretty delicious! A lot of the food on this list is actually part of my diet having paleo as part of the nutrition pillars Superohero Jacked uses!

Let’s just go over 1-2 things before we move on. I always smash down fruits when talking about dieting because even though they’re paleo they are still high in sugar (which we don’t like!). That being said, we’rre talking about a women’s routine here and having some fruit won’t kill your goals!

Well, as long as you do not overdo it!

Also, let’s go over Black Widow “vice” for a second. We all know what a vice is right? Think of it as her kryptonite! While cheese is low carbs and some people like to take advantage of it in certain diets (some low carb/keto diets), you still run the risk of dairy being your kryptonite! So, if you want to use kryptonite become Black Widow – it’s probably best if you cut our her vice!  

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