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How has it been going through your life as this amazing black woman? :

I’m very fortunate to where I am today. As a black woman, I have gotten many and even thrown great opportunities that come across me and many more to come. Others do not, and that is why I am thankful for where I am today.

What made you get involved at Broward College North Campus?

Why did you choose to become the Student Government President at Broward College North Campus? : What made me get involved at Broward College North Campus was the atmosphere. It was just a welcoming vibe, I also knew I wanted to get involved because I missed that opportunity in high school. I wanted to meet new people, new surroundings and leave Broward College with memories. I choose to be the Student Government President at Broward College North Campus was simply because it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass on. I wanted to see the potential I have in myself to lead an organization to improve and work on my leadership skills. What are your plans after graduation? What is your dream job? : My plans after graduating is to continue being involved on campus, increase in community service and giving back. My dream is to work in a successful growing law firm.

If you were to offer advice to incoming freshman who don’t know their major, what would it be? :

An advice I would give to incoming freshman who don’t know what their major is, is to do these things. Explore, network, and to put themselves out there. This can help them find out what they like and potential guide them to their major.

Who is your biggest inspiration in your life? :

The biggest inspiration in my life is my mother. I see that my mom had to raise five children on her own with a steady low income, yet provided her kids with bare essentials. Such as a roof, cloth, and food in our mouths. Watching her doing these incredible tasks motivates me in so many ways and has made me a very independent woman.

If Hollywood would cast a celebrity to be you and about your life, who would it be? :

Kendall Jenner. Her and I seem to have the same mindset, very close to family and very reserved. The world has issues granted, how would you want to change the world into what is currently not? : How I would want to change the world to what is currently not is for everyone to forgive and to let go. We all know this is not something humans can do overnight, even I struggle myself forgiving people but it will help us all grow and not be bitter.

What is your biggest accomplishment in your life, overall? :

My biggest accomplishment are goals that I have accomplished and really I would never would have thought I could! Rather it would be too big, too hard or wasn’t capable of!

I'm Miss. Congeniality of Broward College North Campus, Events Coordinator of the Psychology Club at Broward College North Campus, new president of Her Campus Broward, I work for Student Services at Broward College North Campus, and I just like to get involved in many great activities that benefit my personal growth.
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