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Electronics Taking Over Our Home!

Predicted Electronic Purchases in the US for 2012 (in millions):

  • Laptops, iPads, Cell Phones, Tablets/E – readers, and TV’s are growing in great numbers.
  • 5 -7 years = A TV’s lifespan
  • A PC’s lifespan = 3 – 4 years 
  • The average US household has 24 electronic products
  • So, where are they now?

We’ve Created This E – Graveyard!

  • Mobile: 135,000,000 are trashed annually.
  • TV’s: 23,500,000 end up in landfills yearly.
  • Computers: 31,300,000 disposed of each year.
  • 82% of discarded electronics are thrown away.
  • Total 384,000,000 electronic products end up in landfills

Effects of Our E – Waste:

  • Burning the plastics in e – waste emits carbon dioxin!
  • Hazardous chemicals in discarded electronics spread into ground and drinking water!
  • E – waste in landfills releases greenhouse gases equivalent to the annual emissions of more than 178,000 carsL

Less Than 18% of E – Waste is Recycled!

  • 40% computers
  • 33% hard copy devices
  • 17% TV’s
  • 11% mobile devices
  • ^18% less than a quarter of all e – waste is recycled

Learn The Value of Recycling E – Waste!

  • For every 10,000 tons of material disposed, 296 jobs are created.
  • Recycling aluminum saves 90% of the energy it would take to mine new aluminum.
  • Recycling 1 million cell phones would recover 50 pounds of gold, 550 pounds of silver, 20 pounds of palladium, and 20,000 pounds of copper, which values at almost $2 million! 

Make sure to go onto www.companycycle.com for more information! 

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I'm Miss. Congeniality of Broward College North Campus, Events Coordinator of the Psychology Club at Broward College North Campus, new president of Her Campus Broward, I work for Student Services at Broward College North Campus, and I just like to get involved in many great activities that benefit my personal growth.
Student at Broward College for the past five years, first enrolled on Davie's Central Campus learning Physical Therapy for two years than, transferring to Coconut Creeks North campus for the last three years, now majoring in Early Childhood / Developmental Education. Spent first year with Her campus Broward as Outreach Director, former president of self-entitled campus friendship club, Sammy's Buddy Brigade, member of the Campus Science Club, and a Broward County local student Ambassador with Best Buddies International. Winner of the Sammy's award for most charity work within the community, and now Vice President of Her Campus Broward. I hope to soon be working at Junior Achievement with the elementary and middle school children, in order to have a well rounded experience! The hope is to one day work with and teach children who have special needs such as myself! Biggest belief and philosophy of life is that, no matter what anyone says you can't accomplish in life, I am living proof that anything is possible! Having ADHD, high functioning Autism, and medical conditions such as Scoliosis, helps me to understand special needs children on a level that very few people can! It is this very knowledge that led me to choose Teaching as my chosen profession. Now at age 42, and more than 55% on the way to getting an Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education, I hope to become an Assistant Teacher within the next year or so. We hope that this true life story will inspire others to never give up either, no matter what anybody says, or tells you, that you can't do, the only one who can truly hold you back is "YOU".
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