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Origins of Halloween



Halloween is a pretty popular holiday, one where children and adults alike dress up in costume and engage in festivities through the night.


It’s interesting, however, to note where this festivities originated. Halloween originated from the name All Hallow’s Eve and is a celebration that starts on the Eve of the Western Christian Feast of All Hallow’s Days. A three-day observance of the martyrs, saints, and the departed.


Traditions for Halloween, however, are believed to originate from the Celtic Harvest Festival such a Samhain which had Pagan Roots but were Christianized by the church. Such traditions include wearing costumes, seeking treats ( trick or treating) and carving faces on pumpkins.

Others include apple bobbing, lighting bonfires, divination games and telling scary stories.


In many parts of the world, Christian traditions include lighting candles on the graves of the dead and attending mass. Some Christians historically abstained from eating meat during all Hallow’s Day, which leads to the consumption of vegetarian foods such as apples, potato pancakes, and soul cakes.


Whether you go trick or treating, go on a bar crawl or party, or just stay home and marathon horror movies this Halloween, make sure to keep in mind the true meaning of the holiday and take a moment to think of those who wait for us on the other side.


Happy Halloween, from Her Campus Broward.

Ana Cedeno is a journalism major and campus correspondent for Broward College. Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, she immigrated to the United States when she was twelve years old and continued her education in the sunny, politically contradictory, swamp state of Florida. She has since been published by both her college newspaper and the online grassroots journalism publication Rise Miami News. A fan of literature since age 6, she's an enthusiast of language and making her opinion known, while still hearing out the other side and keeping an open mind for growth.
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