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My School Model Project

Sandy Trager

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My School Model Project

















For my Model school  paper, I will open a preschool called Little Scholars University Center. The school is going to be located on College Avenue in Davie, Florida. One of my biggest reasons for choosing these types of facilities is that they can be found anywhere from, residential neighborhoods or urban areas, to big cities and populated areas, or even inside company buildings and on school campuses. This is one of the many reasons why I chose this type of school to open in the following location; which is set between three major university campuses; it has been decided to model the school building in a similar shape to a graduation cap. The building will be round at the base and will have a squared flat roof to form the top of the cap. Inside, the building will be six classrooms consisting of two VPK and Pre-K classes, an Arts and Crafts Center, Drama Center, and a Nursery. Lessons like Reading, Story time, Writing, Arts and Crafts, Math, Science, Exploration, Music and Drama, are few of the many things that will be taught to the children. Our little scholars can expect to learn as they begin to grow, discover, explore, and learn about their surrounding world. All within a classroom-style type arrangement, while maintaining the traditional hours of operation. Since this preschool will be serving two universities: Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and Nova Southeastern University (NSU) as well as Broward College (BC) professors and students, and the nearby community at large, it has been decided to offer discounted tuition and tuition assistance scholarships to all students and teachers with proper ID. Then for the local community, we will offer low cost tuition and tuition assistance for those that qualify.

Little Scholars University Center will be fully licensed and accredited by the state of Florida once opened, and I am already currently Certified by the Department of Children and Families Services in almost all parts of early childhood. While doing so, I have learned to identify all of the many parts of childcare programs that exist in our state. Including all of the different varieties of services linked to childcare to be explored. It has also become pretty clear that there is a huge amount of responsibility that goes along with being a childcare provider in general, much more than was previously anticipated. To own and operate a childcare business, one will need to have lots of patience, understanding, dedication, and time on their hands. While allowing one to enrich and promote their student’s growth and development, which at times can and will be a challenge. This is a profession, where success is determined by how much effort one put into it, whereas the rewards of watching children learning, growing, and developing make all the hard work worth everything. Throughout this class, we have learned that there are a wide variety of childcare program settings with very different requirements in each. Now, Florida Statutes have been said to define childcare as the care, protection, and supervision of a child for a period of less than 24 hours a day. On a regular basis, which adds to the parental care, enrichment, and overall health supervision for each child, in line with their individual needs and for which a payment, fee, or grant is made for the care of that child. For which, we plan to offer a nurturing, safe, and healthy environment that will promote education and growth to all. As a childcare provider, I now realize how complex, time consuming, substantially rewarding, and wide ranging this job will be. Since we have to wear many hats and change them frequently. As the person in charge, I know that it will be my responsibility to oversee the entire final decision making. I have also learned that beyond my responsibilities in the business aspect of my program, my role will include ensuring the health and safety of the children, teachers, community interaction, corresponding with their families, and taking time to participate in professional development courses and lectures. It is also understood that my tasks will not only be far reaching, but also that my responsibilities will fall into annual, monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. As well as, some of the other duties that might be done on an irregular basis.  

Childcare facilities such as the one that I have chosen to open, which can also eventually become a K-12 school, are required to have special licensing as well as having to comply with certain Florida Statutes, but not the Administrative Codes. They are also, controlled by special childcare standards created by the Florida Legislature and are carried out by the Department of Children and Families Services, Office of Child Care Regulations; which addresses the physical environment, such as health, cleanliness, safety, and physical surroundings. The office also safeguards the children in our care, through their health, nutrition, and development. For which we are subject to inspection for compliance with family childcare standards, unless already found to be in School readiness. It should also be known that in some counties, prior to being licensed, our school would actually need to have been approved by the local fire marshal or Florida state agency. A list of these counties can be found on the department’s website, and it is important to review this list if one has not already been licensed. It is for this very reason that, before one even considers a venture such as this; they must do all of their government and state research first before proceeding. This is why we would then have the center plan on hiring a legal team of attorney’s, business, and budget consultants to help make Little Scholars University run efficiently. While helping to make sure that many tasks which must be completed on an annual basis such as Tax and business deduction information is neatly filed away. I have also been informed to either create a computerized timeline or keep a business calendar for these tasks to help guide and keep our business on schedule. Many of these annual tasks are said to be wide ranging and usually apply to the whole program, and may include: renewing annual license or registration, completing annual training requirements, reviewing and/or updating our programs handbook, renewing my annual contract with the Early Learning Coalition, preparing budget and business records and taxes, preforming and overseeing self-evaluations, conducting an inventory of equipment and ordering new equipment as necessary, and finally reviewing insurance coverage. Next, is to hire the best teachers, counselors and top-notch staff in support of our future scholars. While requiring them to gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities only trained professionals have. Since learning that these types of places usually have a staff that helps to provide care, we will also employ at least one nurse on staff for any medical needs that might arise. It is important to remember that the number of childcare staff is always determined by the child-to-adult ratios that are mandated by Florida law. Plus, this type of school is known to typically have a faster start-up and preparation time than public, or charter schools do. Not to mention, the fact that there is a smaller out-of-pocket expense and lower overhead costs than some private schools have.

I believe prior to this paper, that some of the biggest hurtles was how little I knew about the laws and regulations on education set forth by our state and county, the history of education in our country, the levels of schooling it takes to become a teacher, the amount of testing it takes, and all of the in-state requirements until now. Since having to review what will be needed in opening this center, I am beginning to gain a stronger understanding of how much work it takes to become a childcare director, or even a lead teacher. There is a lot more to consider than I ever thought, but I now know that I can handle it despite the level of difficulty that exists. I have also learned that part of being an effective provider is being able to manage my time in order to allow for any unexpected circumstances or responsibilities, which might come up. Thanks in part to a group of dedicated advisers, college professors like yourself, my friends at the DCF childcare Training Facility, and some of the websites presented to me while within your class.

Student at Broward College for the past five years, first enrolled on Davie's Central Campus learning Physical Therapy for two years than, transferring to Coconut Creeks North campus for the last three years, now majoring in Early Childhood / Developmental Education. Spent first year with Her campus Broward as Outreach Director, former president of self-entitled campus friendship club, Sammy's Buddy Brigade, member of the Campus Science Club, and a Broward County local student Ambassador with Best Buddies International. Winner of the Sammy's award for most charity work within the community, and now Vice President of Her Campus Broward. I hope to soon be working at Junior Achievement with the elementary and middle school children, in order to have a well rounded experience! The hope is to one day work with and teach children who have special needs such as myself! Biggest belief and philosophy of life is that, no matter what anyone says you can't accomplish in life, I am living proof that anything is possible! Having ADHD, high functioning Autism, and medical conditions such as Scoliosis, helps me to understand special needs children on a level that very few people can! It is this very knowledge that led me to choose Teaching as my chosen profession. Now at age 42, and more than 55% on the way to getting an Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education, I hope to become an Assistant Teacher within the next year or so. We hope that this true life story will inspire others to never give up either, no matter what anybody says, or tells you, that you can't do, the only one who can truly hold you back is "YOU".
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