My Conflict in Dialogue Assignment

This story is what I wrote for my Creative Writing class, enjoy!


[As you would expect, two girls on Facebook were starting to have an interesting conversation with each other. Perhaps they intended to initiate an acquaintanceship that would eventually blossom into a friendship.  This certainly seemed to be the case between Cady and Regina. However, the conversation that actually transpired was not the one Cady had initially expected. As euphoric as she was to speak with Regina, Cady would receive a wake-up call about the gray areas of friendships]

Cady – Heyy Regina!

Regina – How are you, Cady??

Cady - I’m well to say the least. I had a concern I wanted to bring up pertaining to Rachel and Gretchen.

Regina - Sure. What’s the concern with them?

Cady – Here it is. Rachel and Gretchen attempted to apply tons of make-up onto a girl so she could fulfill the quota of my boyfriend’s fantasy woman

Regina – Do tell me further details.

Cady - His ideal woman has olive skin, dark hair, Millennium Middle School for a brief amount of time, and then went to Sawgrass Middle for the rest of 7th and 8th grade, and- 

Regina – Forgive me for interrupting you, Cady. Based on the description of this woman, you’re referring to Melissa. I knew her well back then. She did not look every guy’s fantasy woman back then. Granted Melissa had black hair and brown eyes but she was looked like Snow White when it came to her skin color then. Please continue.    

Cady - Thank you. Melissa is also of Colombian and Ecuadorian descent but was born here in Tamarac. *sigh* The dilemma I am currently facing is of how Rachel was trying to test if my boyfriend, Damien, was faithful or not. Honestly, it is Damien’s first relationship with me and he is still learning how relationships work considering he never had one before.

Regina – Poor guy. Ugh. I can’t believe Rachel stooped this low to test Damien’s ability to demonstrate fidelity in a relationship. What is even worse is that Melissa was being used as a pawn in Rachel’s scheme to tear apart your relationship by testing Damien’s loyalty to you to see whether he would resist temptation of his ideal woman or not.

Cady - In reality, the friendship I thought I had with Rachel turned out to be fake and I blame myself for not seeing that earlier. Can I confide something else in you, Regina?

Regina - Of course you can, Cady. That is what real friends are for. I will never tell your secrets to anyone.

Cady – Would you like to know what I wanted to call you, Rachel, Gretchen, Janis, and I respectively?

Regina – What did you want to call us?

Cady –“The Latin/Hispanic Chicas”. Because of the fact that we are all Hispanic or Latin descent and anyone is welcome regardless of where they were born and which Latin or Hispanic culture they were raised under. Do you also happen to remember a girl named Rocky?

Regina – Not personally, but I have heard of her from negative rumors. I am smart enough to not believe them though.

Cady- She is in my American History class with Mr. Moss for 1st hour and in my Marine Science class with Mrs. McMahon for 7th hour. I included her in our group despite the fact that she left TP High School in the second half of our freshman year and got transferred to Pier High School. Even when that happened,   she was not less important than the others in the group. I was always with her at lunch because I saw that she felt isolated and displaced from the rest of the school. Once I reached out to her directly, I discovered that she was a very sweet girl who just needed to be around the right people who would treat you with respect. Unfortunately, I found Nat crying by herself in the girl’s bathroom. After I inquired her what was wrong, she told me the truth. In essence, I was hurt by how her relationship was ruined by Rachel the moment she decided to use Melissa as bait to lure Nat’s boyfriend away from her. As you can see, I had been hanging out with Nat outside of school because I wanted to show her that I was a loyal person who was not going to betray her and be completely honest with her.

*It was at this juncture in the conversation that Regina began to weep for she knew this same truth for a while regarding Rachel’s schemes*

Regina –  I-I-I do understand what you are saying, Cady. In fact, I had known it about for a while because  Gretchen and Janis informed me about what Rachel had done. Poor Nat.

Cady – I see that you are weeping profusely.

Regina – The funny thing about friendships, Cady, is that your best friends can become strangers at the very end. Until this year, Rachel never knew that Artem was in a relationship with me since freshman year. At first, I was ashamed of the idea of going out with a nerdy and reserved guy for I had to maintain my reputation as the popular and hot girl. I couldn’t be involved in a romantic relationship with a nerdy guy who had a passion to become a video game designer. What we ultimately decided to was keep our relationship a secret for a long time by only meeting up with each other outside of school. We were successful for a long time until this senior year. Due to her relationships always lacking in trust, communication, and respect, you could say that Rachel was always jealous of us since we had the better relationships than she did. She figured that she would not feel better unless she brought us down to her level.  

Cady – What happened next?

Regina – The worst happened. Once Rachel found about my secret relationship with Artem, it was no longer a secret. It was a terrible day. Artem was getting bullied by Rachel’s boyfriend who was the quarterback of the high school football team. The fight took place in the hallways.


Bully: What makes you think that one of the Latin or Hispanic Chicas would want you? A pathetic and lonely nerd over a handsome and muscular specimen such as myself? *He kissed his muscles*

Artem: Please do define “specimen”. I’m sure you know exactly what it means.


Artem: We live in a democracy, dude, not a dictatorship. What’s next? Are you going to continuously assert your dominance by banging on your chest like a wild gorilla?  


*When the crowd of people gathered around Rachel’s boyfriend and Artem as they were fighting, Regina heard the clamors of people egging the bully on to beat Artem into a comatose state. Fortunately, Regina stepped into the scene by sprinting towards the crowd to find Artem*

Regina: ARTEM!!! Please, everyone. Move! Get off of him, NOW!

*After that bully was commanded to get off of Artem, Regina was horrified upon seeing him because his right eye was heavily bruised as denoted by the purple color surrounding it*

Artem: Uhh……

Regina: Oh, Artem. Do not worry. Everything will be all right, babe. I insist it will.

*She then turned to the crowd of people who were just as equally terrible for they could have prevented this fight from exacerbating and had responded to them with an upset tone in her voice* 

Regina: LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED HERE!!! HE COULD HAVE ALMOST DIED HAD I NOT INTERVENED!!! WHAT ARE YOU STANDING AROUND FOR?!??!?! LEAVE US BE!!!!!! Yes, I stand by Artem because we have been involved in a romantic relationship since freshman year.

*Everyone gasped at this revelation*

Regina: As our relationship grew, so did I as a person. If you all knew anything about Artem, you would know that he wants to be a video game designer. We even have played video games on his N64 console and we also watched hours of anime together when I slept over at his house. He comes from a loving and caring family that continues to support his dreams. For once, I am going to do the right thing and stand by my man no matter what happens today.

*Feeling ashamed and guilty, the crowd of people turned away and retreated to the far ends of the hallway leaving Artem and Regina be except for one person who did not leave*

Rachel: Wow, Regina. I never would have figured that you would date someone who was just as pathetic as you. It doesn’t matter to me though. You and Artem can have each other for eternity. But know this: You’re officially barred from the group. Bye, loser! 

Regina: You know by calling me a loser are you calling yourself a loser, right? Because what you’re saying about me is really what you’re saying about yourself. Standing by Artem, who has treated me with kindness, respect, and love, is the best decision I have made. As for you, have fun with your loser boyfriend who is incapable of doing the same for you.

Rachel: Ugh. Nerd love. It sickens me. See you in the next life, I suppose.

Artem: Tha…Thank you… baby…

Rachel: Your welcome. I am not leaving you here. Come. Let’s go to the nurse.

*Flashback end*

Cady – You would actually serve as an inspiration for popular girls who go against the grain, Regina.

Regina – Thank you, Cady. Gretchen and I were discussing that because we had vastly superior relationships than Rachel did, she was attempting all she could to bring us down to her level by ruining our relationships to make her relationship appear superior than ours. Still, that did not give Rachel any excuse to use Melissa to steal Gretchen’s boyfriend away and to sick her boyfriend into beating up Artem. The impetus of my message to you, Cady, is that I am on your side and so are Gretchen and Janis for their relationships were ruined by Rachel’s misdeeds.

Cady – I could not emphasize this anymore when I say, “Thanks a bunch!”. Your experiences with Rachel have opened my eyes as to be wary of the friends I will make in the long run and which friends I should keep or not. I completely understand what you are saying. I do have one last question, if I may.

Regina – Shoot.

Cady – Would you able to tell Karen, Erica, and Kristina?

Regina – At the moment, I do not speak with Kristina. She is occupied with her life to even respond to me. However, I can speak with Karen and Erica. What is the message you wish to relay to them?

Cady – You can simply tell them what I told you regarding Rachel’s misdeeds against us personally.  As for Kristina, you do not have to inform her of this at all.

Regina – Especially because of the fact that Kristina has been out of the loop of our group for so long that it would premature of me to inform her about what has happened to all of us as a cumulative.

Cady –Of course, Regina. It was just a mere suggestion. It is not necessary for you to tell Kristina if that is the case.

Regina – I am honestly glad we got to have this conversation, Cady! I wish to speak with you in person the next time we hangout or have a sleepover whenever possible. Have a good evening now!

Cady – It was a pleasure speaking with you as well, Regina!

Regina – Bye!

Cady – Bye!

*The conversation had ended on a positive note between Cady and Regina. The next time they would see each other, they would become the best of friends the likes of which people have never seen before.*