Maternity Care Benefits for Women Veterans


I honor and support every single one of your ladies who are veterans and have a baby….here is helpful tips to know….

Medical Care Information: Most VA facilities do not have obstetrical (OB) services “in – house”. The VA uses Health Net management care OB doctors. This (OB) care in paid through the Non – VA Care program. This also includes paying for routine lab and ultrasound tests and having your ‘tubes tied’ (tubal ligation) if desired.

Newborn Financial Coverage: The VA may pay for routine medical care for the first seven days after the baby is born. The Non – VA care Office can provide you with details about what they need from you to pay for the baby’s hospital bills.

VA care during pregnancy: Patients already under the care of the VA Specialists (for example), psychologists, Psychiatrists or other health professionals) May continue to be treated for these problems, which are managed by their Primary Care Providers. Patients need to tell their VA health care specialists when they are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, so that medications and other procedures can be adjusted for the safety of the baby. Your OB provider may refer you to maternal, fetal, or other maternity specialists for concerns directly related to your pregnancy. This specialty care will be managed by the Non – VA Care Program Office.

OB emergency care while pregnant: The Miami VA Medical Center is not staffed or equipped to address obstetrical emergencies (premature labor, vaginal bleeding, etc.). Ask your OB doctor about OB emergency care and go to the closet Emergency Room, contact the Non – VA Care Office at once. They will let you know how to submit a request for payment of the Emergency Room bill.

Prescription Information: Medications like prenatal vitamins are often prescribed by your VA Primary Care doctor. Your OB doctor should prescribe all other medications related to the pregnancy. The medications prescribed by the OB doctor should be filled by the VA Pharmacy.

Your Medical Records: You can request a copy of your VA medical records if your OB doctor needs information about your medical history. Ask the Clerk in your VA Primary Care Clinic of the Release of Information (ROI) Office at the Medical Center or Outpatient Clinic about completing a ROI form.

After your delivery, please obtain a copy of all important medical notes and tests from your OB doctor, and bring them to your next VA Primary Care appointment. Your VA medical provider will want to review this information.

Billing Issues: Billing questions should be referred to your local Non – VA Care Office. If your pay a co – payment when you are seen at the VA, you may still be responsible for it when seen by the OB doctor.

If additional care is needed above what was originally authorized, the OB doctor’s office has to submit documentation of medical necessity prior to the procedure being performed whenever possible. Depending of the urgency of the procedure, the request should be telephoned, faxed, or mailed to the Non- VA Care Office for approval. This will allow the OB doctor and hospital to be paid for the services performed. Please ask the administrative staff in your OB doctor’s office to call and/or send their bills directly to the Non – VA Care Office. The Non – VA Care staff will help with any billing problems or questions.

Prosthetics: Breast pumps, nursing bras and maternity belts are available from Prosthetics through consults from your Primary Care/PACT Provider. Inform the Maternity Care Coordinator for assistance with facilitation of this care.

Lactation Room: A lactation room is available for breast feeding during any visit to the Medical Center. The Patient Advocate Office controls access or the Maternity Care Coordinator.

*Please Note! Please notify the VA if you change your last name, address, or telephone number!*