Let My People, Passover

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The Spiel

Most of us know the story of Passover from the epic film, The Ten Commandments. This holiday is a remembrance of the Exodus from slavery in Ancient Egypt. Families eat a special meal called a Seder that is full of unique symbolic foods.

Moses had to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt in a hurry. Since there was no time to bake bread that could rise, a crunchy flatbread called Matza was made instead.

This is why Passover is called the "Festival of Unleavened Bread."

The Seder

Seder literally means "sequence" and is a 15 step ritualized meal that signifies the narrative of the Israelites deliverance from slavery. 

The Seder occurs during the first two nights of Passover.


The Four Cups

Representing the four expressions of deliverance.

"I will bring out," " I will deliver," "I will redeem," and "I will take."


The Seder Plate

Symbolic foods used to retell the Passover story.

1. Bitter Herbs

2. Parsley

3. Sweet Charoset

4. Hard Boiled Egg

5. Lettuce

6. Lamb Shank Bone


The Matza

A special round matza is broken in half and called the, Afikoman.

It is hidden during the Seder for children to find.


The Open Seat

The messianic prophet Elijah is welcomed with an open door and seat and the table. Moses' sister Miriam, is honored with a cup of water.


The Haggadah

A special prayer book that outlines the 15 steps in the Seder sequence.


The Four Questions

The youngest child in the family traditionally asks the questions:

THE INTRO: Why is this night different from all other nights?

1. Why do we eat matza instead of bread?

2. Why is that on this night we eat bitter herbs?

3. Why is it we dip twice in salt water?

4. Why is it that we eat in a reclining position?


The Ten Plagues

Calamitries infected to persuade Pharoh to release the Jewish people from captivity:

1. Nile turns to blood.

2. Frogs.

3. Lice.

4. Flies.

5. Pestilence.

6. Boils.

7. Hail.

8. Locusts.

9. Darkness.

10. Death of the firstborn.


The Isrealites were instructed to paint their doors with Lamb's blood so their homes would be "passed over," by the final plague.


The Last Supper

The famous scene in Renissance art actually depicts a Passover Seder.

but, where's the Matza? NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM!


The Numbers

8 days and nights

15th of the month of nisan, between March and April

13:8 Exodus tells the story of Passover

40 years of traveling in the Sinai Desert after the Exodus from Egypt

14 BCE is thought to be when Passover first took place