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Holiday Shopping


As November passes us and we put away the turkey dressings and the fine china we only ever take out to impress our extended family during thanksgiving, December comes upon us and brings it’s own Holidays to the forefront.

From the mall to the treeline on the street to cable tv, Christmas themes are showing up more and more as December starts.

Something else December brings is the need to go out and buy presents. Sure, it’s materialistic and not exactly the spirit of the holiday. But whether you love your family or feel a social obligation to give them a present you’re not likely to pass this tradition by.

Here are a few tips that will make that Christmas shopping just a little bit easier.


Keep in mind the person you’re shopping for.

What you think makes a good present might not interest the person you’re shopping for. Keep in mind that the present is for them.


Keep your budget in Mind.

Have a limited amount of money you can spend. This cuts down on your choices and ensures you don’t accidentally end up spending an extra hundred bucks on a present.


Have a list ready

Going in with a premade list, even if it’s of a couple of choices, can cut down on the time you spend searching for That Perfect List and also make it less likely for you to impulse buy. Which reminds me.


Don’t get distracted by Holiday sales

It’s really tempting to buy mom a new necklace and matching earrings, but you’ll regret it when you see your bank statement.


Remember that sometimes less is more

In the end, a gift that comes from the heart can be just as good as one that comes from half your paycheck. All your loved ones really want is to know that you keep them in your mind.

Ana Cedeno is a journalism major and campus correspondent for Broward College. Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, she immigrated to the United States when she was twelve years old and continued her education in the sunny, politically contradictory, swamp state of Florida. She has since been published by both her college newspaper and the online grassroots journalism publication Rise Miami News. A fan of literature since age 6, she's an enthusiast of language and making her opinion known, while still hearing out the other side and keeping an open mind for growth.
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