Halloween Pet Safety Tips

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Some people don't have human children, some actually have children in the form of fur babies believe it or not.

Here are some Halloween pet safety tips for both you and your fur baby to know....


No Sweets for your Sweetie

Keep your pets away from candy (especially chocolate); avoid placing bowls on the ground.


Keep Pumpkin away from the Pumpkin

Decorative plants can be toxic candle-lit jack-o-lanterns as they are extreme fire hazards, if tipped over.


Costumes are Optional

Don't force on an unwrapped costume. Most pets prefer birthday suits.


No Trick-or-Treater Greeters

The front door is a high traffic area. Doorbells and knocks can upset even the friendliest pets.


Must Show I.D.

Spooked pets can get lost. Microchip and tag them in case they get out.


Party Poopers Are Okay

Some pets are happier in a quiet room away from the party.