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Around this time of the holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, this is a holiday someone who is Irish can get a wee bit excited about. Hope you enjoy these green little lads as much as we do! 

Here are some Leprechaun facts for you all to know:

  1. Leprechauns are a type of fairy.
  2. Leprechauns are very sneaky.
  3. The word leprechaun means “small body.”
  4. Legend has it that they dance the Irish jig so much they wear out their shoes.
  5. They hide their gold at the end of the rainbow.
  6. There are leprechaun sightings back to the 13th century.
  7. They are the bankers and shoemakers of the fairy world.
  8. They originally wore all red.
  9. There are no girl leprechauns (sadly, or not sadly! We will see….tehe)
  10. If you catch a leprechaun they grant you 3 three wishes in exchange for their freedom.



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