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Have you ever heard of a “Full Moon” bath? Want to know how to create the most relaxing, yet unique bath time experience ever? Here is how….

1. Clean Your Bathtub Mindfully

  • e.g. vinegar + essential oils

2. Get Your Favoite Items

  • Favoite stones
  • A good read
  • A drink to hydrate
  • Candles

 3. Dim the Lights

  • Maybe some music?

4. Give Yourself Time

  • Relax
  • Meditate

5. Finish:

  • Visualize cleansing
  • Drain the water
  • Clean the tub

*Additonal Items to Relax and Enjoy*


You can cleanse the air with incense or palosanto.

Notice how you feel? Feels nice now, does it? :-)

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I'm Miss. Congeniality of Broward College North Campus, Events Coordinator of the Psychology Club at Broward College North Campus, new president of Her Campus Broward, I work for Student Services at Broward College North Campus, and I just like to get involved in many great activities that benefit my personal growth.
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