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Campus Spotlight: Mr. Pickering

When it comes to shaping a student’s college experience everyone takes a part in it. Student life often organizes events to encourage students to be a part of the B.C. community. What few people may realize is that behind every event is the student director, for North Campus that’s Joseph Pickering.


Originally from Broward County, Pickering found his calling while attending University of Florida. He then proceeded to gain a Masters in Student Affairs.

While there were a lot of factors that influenced his decision for a profession, it was a study abroad program that sealed the deal for Pickering.

“After I did that program, I became pretty close with the academic advisor for it and he kind of exposed me to students affairs as a professor” said Pickering. “After learning more about student affairs and what you do I kinda looked into different masters programs in student affairs and decided to pursue that degree”


Afterwards, Pickering was hired by Broward College. He began his career at B.C. working as a student director at the pines center before transferring over to North Campus. A job he says he more than enjoys.

“I love what I do, it’s fun, every day is different” he said “I have a lot of fun with my staff here, especially the ones who are close to graduating”


Leandro Dearaujo is part of that staff and states that Pickering’s contributions to the school are the unification of the departments across campuses and a rise in student involvement.

“I know from students telling me directly that they feel his open door policy is great and he is always willing to stop what he is doing to make sure that students are being helped properly” said Dearaujo “therefore students feel he is very easy to speak with and extremely helpful.”


Dearaujo works directly under Pickering and said during an interview that the past couple of years  “have been great and I am very blessed to have a leader that encourages greatness. His knowledge of higher education is unmatched and Broward College North Campus as a whole should be prideful to have such a great leader for Student Life.”


Kaleen Martinez, is also part of the staff and has been working for B.C. for two and a half years. When asked about Pickering sdhfk said “He’s a great boss and a wonderful supervisor He really lets me have my creativity and flexibility, but as well as being a resource in how I continuously learn and grow here in Broward College”

Martinez also said that as a new professional at B.C. working alongside Pickering has really helped her with her personal growth. “he really made me feel comfortable and calm” she said “I definitely love the support I get from him in changes that we approach”

Pickering has remained for three and a half years and says that he hopes to stay for long. “I love living down here, hopefully as long as I’m doing a good job hopefully they’ll keep me here”

Ana Cedeno is a journalism major and campus correspondent for Broward College. Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, she immigrated to the United States when she was twelve years old and continued her education in the sunny, politically contradictory, swamp state of Florida. She has since been published by both her college newspaper and the online grassroots journalism publication Rise Miami News. A fan of literature since age 6, she's an enthusiast of language and making her opinion known, while still hearing out the other side and keeping an open mind for growth.
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