Brie Larson Diet Plan: How to Eat like Captain Marvel

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This is based off of Superhero Jacked....

You ready to train like one of Marvel's strongest heroes?

Ladies, get ready.

We've seen Captain Marvel with our comic/hero routines that are based around the character instead of the celeb Coach Richie writes for us, but I was waiting for some more information to come out about Brie Larson's actual routine and I think we're good to go now!

I did preliminary research and I'm really excited to write this one up!

So, while we have Brie Larson sharing a lot about her training Superhero Jacked via her Instagram, we don't have as much about her diet and nutrition.

That being said, we know enough to work a lot our for ourselves.

We know she is tracking on muscle while shredding the fat in order to prepare for her role as Captain Marvel.

So, how does one do that?

Well, Superhero Jacked released the new superhero programs like the Cut and Shred, Women's Glutes Tone and Slim, and Bulk and Strength that focus around specific goals, but they also have The Academy, Nutrition Pillars (Vikings, SuperHumans, Monks, Spartans, Minimalists, Hunter Gatherers, Samurais) that allow you to manipulate for whichever goal you're looking to hit.

In this case, utilizing something like we've seen done by Hugh Jackman, Olivia Munn, and Terry Crews with intermittent fasting (and I like to pair cyclical ketosis with it) can really jumpstart the fat burning.

From there we can be aware of our caloric intake, while also watching our protein. 

But, if this is all a lot to take in, you can also head straight to the Superhero Jacked Nutrition Pillars as well!