Autism vs. Aspergers

This is to my friend Sandy Trager, who is passionate about her fellow peers with a disability!

HUGE differences between Autism and Asperger's!

Asperger's Syndrome is actually classified as an Autism Spectrum Disorder and no longer has its own diagnosis. That's because so many of the symptoms are the same. 

In fact, it can be so difficult to differentiate Asperger's and high - functioning Autism that it can be nearly impossible at times.


  •  Repetitive and compulsive behaviors.
  • Limited range of interests. 
  • Repetition of certain motor activities.
  • Coordination difficulties.
  • Awkward social skills.
  • Highly skilled in one area.
  • Unordained rituals or preoccupations.
  • Trouble expressing feelings.
  • Trouble picking up on body language and gestures.
  • Does not hold eye contact.


  • Autism is one that is high - functioning, while with Asperger's is one that is high - functioning.
  • Autism is one that has a lower IQ, while with Asperger's is one with normal intelligence.
  • Autism is one that has difficulty with verbal communication, with with Asperger's is on that has near - normal language development.

Thank you for your time to learn about both Autism and Asperger's disabilities!