24 Study Hacks That Will Save You This Semester


1.Take regular breaks (every 30 minutes). Taking regular breaks will help boost your focus and increase your productivity.  



2.If math isn’t your favorite subject, then you should give Photomath a try. Photomath is an app that solves an equation for you. Plus, it even shows you how to solve the equation.



3.If you’re stuck on a question or can’t think of that essay topic, try going for a walk to clear your head.



4.When you learn something, try to teach it to someone else. This will help you recognize what areas you are lacking in.  



5.To satisfy your sweet tooth, surround yourself with candy and leave some in-between your textbook so you’ll be motivated to go through your textbook.



6.If you have a speech to give the next day, be sure to go over the speech at least two or three times the night before.



7.Walking can increase brain power and memory; before an exam take a walk for about 20 minutes to improve your performance.



8.Times New Roman is the fastest font our brains can process, so when writing your essays make sure to type it in Times New Roman.



9.If you choose to listen to music while studying, choose songs without lyrics. Lyrics will only distract you from what you are trying to study!



10.Try to change up the places you study. Moving around will help your memory.


11.If you are chewing a specific flavor of gum while you are studying, chew that same flavor of gum during your exam. It helps you remember the information you studied.



12.The best way to get ready for a test is to do several practice tests; it trains your brain to retrieve information.  



13.Make sure to get a lot of sleep before an exam, otherwise when taking the exam your brain will fog up—which means you probably won’t do so well.  



14.Start a study group with other students in your class. You can bounce information off each other and work on different areas each person falls short on.  



15.Meditation is great to reduce stress and assist concentration.



16.If you have a ton of things to do before an exam, try to make a to-do-list so that you can make sure to complete everything while finishing on time.  



17.Another great app is StudyBlue. It uses flashcards to test you on any subject.



18.If you’re having a hard time grasping something, try an audio-lesson on YouTube. Perhaps, hearing it in a different way will help you understand the information a little better.  



19.Coffee is a great way to boost your energy—but make sure you still get some sleep.



20.If you have a big exam coming up and you need to study a massive amount of information, try to divide that information into smaller chunks, studying these little pieces every day.



21.If you tend to forget things, make a schedule and commit to sticking to it.



22.Before you enter a lecture, read the information your professor will go over (if available). This will help you understand what the professor is talking about—and you’ll find that the information will stick with you.



23.Google has a lot of practice exams, so if you google site:edu [ subject] exam, you can find any practice exam you are looking for.



24.Figure out what works best for you: whether you are a morning person or a night person or if you like to study in groups or alone. Either way you choose, get the most out of your study session!