10 Tips & Tricks to Avoid Split Ends

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1. Learn to work second day hair!

Washing hair every other day allows the body to repair hair with its own natural oils - leaving your hair silky, smooth and protected.


2. Brush wisely and correctly!

For daily brushing, choose a cushioned paddle brush with flexible bristles. Always brush from end to root.


3. Shampoo only your scalp!

Lat hair hang down normally and simply lather shampoo onto your scalp, then let the ends of your hair experience the "second hand suds" as you rinse the shampoo through your hair and away down the drain.


4. Condition your ends!

ALWAYS use conditioner! Be sure to apply conditioner directly to the ends of your hair, and then give it a couple of minutes to soak in. When you rinse your hair, don't completely rinse it dry of the conditioner. 


5. Towel drying!

Do not scrub and rub a towel every which way on and through your hair! Instead, wrap a towel around the hair and simply squeeze different areas to draw moisture out.


6. Wide tooth combs with wet hair!

Invest in a wide toothed comb for use on your shower-fresh hair to lightly glide through the hair and loosely manage your locks without causing as much breakage.


7. Blow drying!

If your blow dryer is to be the only heat styling tool used, do your best to avoid placing direct heat on the hair ends until absolutely necessary. If another form of heat styling will follow your blow drying efforts, do your best to avoid direct contact with your ends altogether.


8. Straightener!

While straightening hair, ALWAYS use a brush or comb to guide to prevent straightening a strand of hair in a creased or bent position.


9. Curling!

Instead of beginning the curl at the ends of your hair and winding all of the way up, begin at your roots and guide the hair through the curling iron as you twist up. This way, ends will only take in as much heat as needed to hold the style.


10. Trims!

Proper care will allow you to stretch trim appointments to every six to eight weeks - maybe longer! Just keep watch. If you notice a random split end along the way, grab a pair of scissors and take care of it right there!