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Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus and so many more streaming services have become such a big of our everyday lives that help us just sit back and relax. Over the past year, I have binged on so many different shows and movies but rarely find a show that highlights important themes and topics that educate us at a deeper level. That was how I felt till a friend of mine recommended a show called ‘Anne with an E’.

I did not know what to expect or feel starting on this show. I just took a blind decision to watch this show as a pastime, with little expectation and thinking it would be just another show. I am now beyond glad to say that watching Anne with an E and understanding the writing about such an amazing storyline with a greater background was just refreshing and empowering. Anne with an E, is a classical story of a young outgoing orphan girl, trying to navigate and build a new life with a sweet family consisting of two siblings, in Prince Edward Island. This Canadian TV show may seem very familiar because it is adapted from an old story called Anne of Green Gables.

The show which goes through 3 seasons highlights some of the most important and intense topics that I have come across: Indigenous history; Racism; Feminism; Gender Bias; Human Rights; LGBTQ+ rights and; Harassment topics. These are just a few of the topics that this eye-opening show highlights. What is disheartening is that in the world that we live in now, topics like these are rarely visible in the material we watch and a lot of us have never come across such harsh realities that people have faced in the past.

Anne with an E has showcased some of the most high-quality actings with a modern view of things in the 1800s. I have rarely come across such a beautiful story that leaves you thinking about each character's journey at a deeper level. It was disappointing to know that this show was canceled more than a year ago and it left all the fans including me sad and disillusioned. The story had and will always have a huge opportunity in this world to make a positive difference in our lives.

Hi everyone! My name is Aditi and I am in my senior year, studying Business with a minor in Applied Computing at Brock University. Being someone who loves meeting new people and networking with others, I spend a lot of my time dancing, travelling, taking photos and blogging during my spare time. I aspire to be someone who is there to lift those around me and be part of communities that advocate for women and young minds.
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