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A Mother’s Love Comes in Many Forms

What is a Mother? A mother is the first person you met when you came to this world; someone who no matter what will always be there to love you unconditionally; someone who is your ongoing support system and someone who will always ensure to keep you safe.


This year, with the pandemic, Mother’s Day is looking a little different and children are finding unique ways of making it special, no matter if we are stuck at home. This morning, when I woke up and looked at a group chat, I noticed a beautiful painting of a Loon, a unique aquatic bird that resembles a duck or smaller-sized goose. What was so special about this artwork, is how beautifully it represented Mother’s Day in an angle that also reflected on Canada and its culture specifically. In fact, the loon is Ontario’s provincial bird which is why if you take a look at the face of a one-dollar Canadian coin, a loon resides on it – naming the coin ‘A Loonie’ 


[bf_image id="q7jzww-e0rdr4-1locb7"]

When you take a look at baby loons, we know that they rely on their parents the most for various things. When the baby loon is hatched and slowly grows out of its shell, it climbs on to their parents’ backs to keep themselves warm. For several days, while they are learning to swim, searching for food, and growing up, they still land up at the end of the day clinging on to their parents’ back and the cycle continues. The fascinating part is that a baby loon relies on its mother the most, to keep itself safe and warm and to learn survival skills. Eventually, these skills that they learned from their mothers help them leave their nests and live their own lives. 

In our everyday lives, little do we know how much our mothers contribute to our lives and make us a better version of ourselves. No matter whether it is taking us to dance class, soccer practice, or even cooking us snacks during exam season, they always find time and do it with a smile. Our lives began with waking up and loving our mother’s face and her hugs and love continue regardless of time!   

Hi everyone! My name is Aditi and I am in my senior year, studying Business with a minor in Applied Computing at Brock University. Being someone who loves meeting new people and networking with others, I spend a lot of my time dancing, travelling, taking photos and blogging during my spare time. I aspire to be someone who is there to lift those around me and be part of communities that advocate for women and young minds.
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