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Young Echo Sound stun small crowd at the Exchange

Young Echo Sound are an art collective comprised of 11 members, working and producing in Bristol. After returning from a five year break, Young Echo descended upon The Exchange in Bristol City Centre last night delivering a heart-pounding range of vibrations. 

I was delighted to see the famous and well-respected DJ and Producer, Kahn, playing a set that swayed intriguingly between punk vocals and heavy drumming, which then progressed to some loose trap rhythms before Kahn ended on his beloved dub. The night continued to see dub and reggae vinyls spinning ferociously beneath spinny visuals. Young Sound have a distinct cut and paste collage style that I often see decorating the bus-stops of Bristol. Young Echo pride themselves on their eclectic style that shines through in their approach to art, production and event lineups. The night at The Exchange was characterised by this continually evolving sound that dips in and out of genres whilst retaining that dreamy Young Echo, sound. Shout out to Young Echo for finishing the night with a female techno DJ, ridding the genre of its stereotypes, for one night at least…

Young Echo have several events planned for the near future which I would highly recommend that you look up. The sheer diversity of rhythms that you will hear in one night is enough to require a visit, not to mention the captivating visuals and the friendly crowd. 


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