Women in Sport: UoB Women's Football

100 years ago women in sport were deemed a laughing matter. However, they are now thriving in various sports with many on the verge of becoming mainstream at both grassroots and professional levels. For football specifically, its growth has been coupled and enhanced by the Women’s World Cup this year, which was watched on an international scale by record-breaking numbers. This movement has encouraged women of all ages and backgrounds to participate in something they love, whilst also providing a host of other benefits. Mental health, friends for life, and a healthy lifestyle are just some of the pros of sport; and within the University of Bristol Women’s Football Club, it is no different. 

As a club, we have 3 teams playing competitively each week, and a more casual team who plays fortnightly. We strive to include all abilities and make sure that there is a place for everybody to feel comfortable and supported in their sport. In the face of gender inequality, we showcase the raw talent that women have in a predominantly male sport,​ securing league titles and a cup final spot last year, improving players skills week on week. Our passion for football is evident in the amount of effort and commitment that is put into games and training each week by all members of the club and any new players would be welcomed with open arms. 

Many of our members join for a shared sense of community, a familial feel, and a support network that is strong on and off the pitch. If you are looking for a club that is able to feel like a second home, with many like-minded women then UBWFC is perfect for you. Whether you’re an ex-England footballer or you would just like to have a kickaround once a week with some friends then don’t hesitate to contact us or come along to any sessions. We will be holding trials on the Monday and Friday of Freshers week (23rd-27th September), and in the first week of term (30th - 4th). We are also holding a ‘Give It A Go’ session on the 28th of September to which you can sign up on the ‘What’s On’ section of the Bristol SU Page. Feel free to message our Club Captain, Phoebe, at [email protected] or contact our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/UBWFC/ and remember that there are no silly questions!!


We would like to thank UBWFC for contributing to our Women in Sport Week!