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Why We Love… Beyonce

After the incredible success of her self-titled 2013 album which had clear Feminist themes, Beyonce smashed 2017 with Lemonade which received huge praise.

Last week at the 2017 Grammys, Beyonce was nominated for 9 awards and secured Best Music Video for Formation and Best Urban Contemporary Album for Lemonade. If this wasn’t enough to steal the show, her stunning 9 minute performance also dropped jaws, as she emulated the Yoruba water godess Oshun who symbolises female sensuality, love and fertility. Donning a spectacular golden dress and surrounded by her dancers, her performance was a graceful and empowering celebration of womanhood.

(Photo credit: idolator.com)

The 35 year old singer also made headlines after Adele semi-refused to accept her award for Best Album, saying that Beyonce deserved to win; Adele went on to break her award up and give some of it to Bey, a la Mean Girls. Whilst some critics said Adele should have refused the award completely, her actions were clearly intended to show female solidarity and recognise the huge contribution that Beyonce and other black artists make to the industry, but are not necesarily recognised by the Academy. It was baffling that Beyonce did not win considering the huge impact that Lemonade had and its treatment of race and gender in comparison to Adeles beautiful but samey 25. After recent criticism from fans and artists alike, there is increasing pressure upon award ceremonies like the Grammys to acknowledge the work of People of Colour who are frequently marginalised; clearly there is still a huge way to go. 

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Abbie is Lifestyle Editor for HC Bristol, currently studying English at the University of Bristol.
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